Burlington Is Ready For The Beach Now That Summer’s Calling

The London-via-South Africa popster brings the heat on his latest single.

Burlington soaks up the rays in his sunny new single Summer’s Calling — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Recorded by the South African-born, London-based singer, songwriter and producer in his shoe-box bedroom studio, Summer’s Calling has distinct vocals that glide effortlessly across the track to create an infectious indie-pop song packed with good vibes. The clever use of synths create a nostalgic feeling, bringing you back to summer at any time of the year. Which just happens to be the notion behind the song.

“Sitting around during a wet and rainy winter day, I pretty much thought ‘I miss summer.’ That’s how it started, just remembering a glorious summer day! During summer, everyone loves to get out and do things. I take that idea and try to use it in other life decisions; why wait to pursue that dream or idea? I hope it gets everyone who is in the winter season wherever they are excited for summer!”

Burlington is a Sunday-cruising, feel-good kind of musician who explores the sound of life, aiming to create songs that nourish your soul. He draws influence from his father’s record collection (boasting the likes of Eagles, Crowded House, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd), as well as the soundtrack to his own youth (3 Doors Down, Blink 182, Skrillex and Deadmau5). Since moving to London his love for indie music has blossomed to include The Wombats, Saint Raymond, The 1975 and Oasis.

Watch the lyric video for Summer’s Calling above, hear more from Burlington below, and catch up with him at his website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.