Rawmny Wildcat Feels Fearless

The Toronto hip-hop artist is king of the jungle and ready to roar on his new single.

Rawmny Wildcat is ready to take on the world on his new single and video Fearless (ft. Chxxx) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Channelling his energy and heart into an anthemic, hard-hitting production, the Toronto hip-hop artist delivers a track that harkens back to the dawn of the millennium, amalgamating Ludacris and Lil Wayne’s production styles — with a splash of Rick Ross for flavour. Couple that with a feature from Rawmny (pronounced Raw Money) Wildcat’s close collaborator and friend Chxxx, and you’ve got a recipe for success.

“We got amped over a beat I was playing that was sent to me by my producer friend from Chicago, Clark Make Hits,” Rawmny recalls. “Chxxx really liked the hook, and he wrote his verse on the spot during that call. I was glad I had my mic with me. We both recorded our parts and sent the files over (to Clark) for mixing.”

The freshly cut single is set to be featured on his forthcoming album Wildcat — a release “composed of songs that are personal and relatable, as I delve deep into my journey as a child born and raised in Ethiopia and moved to Canada as a young teen,” Rawmny reveals. “My life has been full of adventure and many challenges I had to overcome to get where I am today.”

After working with a handful of bands and collaborators to hone his craft, Rawmny released his debut album Once Upon A Life in 2020. Watch Fearless above, hear more from Rawmny Wildcat below, and catch up with him at his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.