Caroline Cotto Sends Out a Blues Call for A Momma To Cry To

The NOLA blues singer-guitarist delivers a soulful a tale of spiritual awakening.

Caroline Cotto shares a heartfelt tale for A Momma To Cry To in her smouldering new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A Momma To Cry To describes a young woman on the journey to her spiritual awakening,” explains the American blues singer and guitarist. “It is about the power of a woman aware of her circumstance but rising above it in all her glory. She enters the realm of her divine path full of happiness, peace and is free. The song’s message is about forging your own path and moving forward despite one’s past.”

Laden with feverish longing, the slow-burn ballad in 6/8 time features Cotto’s soulful vocals over tremolo guitar arpeggios, a rich rhythm section and a few sonic surprises that not to Cotto’s diverse influences. “It started off as a country song,” she notes. “Then, it developed into a beautiful, atmospheric world reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of the Moon, with touches of glockenspiel à la Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run.” Those intriguing touches she includes in her blues has helped Cotto’s music to be featured on high profile radio shows such as Little Steven’s Underground Garage and Genya Ravan’s Goldie’s Garage.

Forging her own path is something Cotto has done all her life. A lover of literature and poetry from a very early age, she became a published poet before she was 12 years old. Soon words were not enough — so Cotto found a new vehicle for them in music. She started learning guitar and became obsessed with it, performing at local open mics. She went on to perform in East Village clubs like the famous Sidewalk Café.

Just after her 22nd birthday, she bravely left New York for Europe, settling in Paris and then London to soak up their unique inspiration, growth lessons and opportunities to perform. “I moved to Paris to find my freedom and be inspired by my literary heroes such as Rimbaud and Baudelaire,” she recalls. “Then, life took me to London where I played in blues clubs. A repeating lyric in the song is, ‘Where is my home?’ My home has been in many cities, but ultimately the greatest home I discovered was within myself.”

Watch the video for A Momma To Cry To above, listen to the song below, and keep up with Caroline Cotto at her website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.