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Walking Apollo Is Happy, Together On You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc.

Walking Apollo combines pristine vocal harmonies with warm instrumentation on the new EP You’re My Pride and Joy, Etc. — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The five-song collection showcases singer-songwriter Buddy Taccolini‘s knack for catchy hooks and authentic song craftsmanship. Full of open-hearted melodies, deceptively subtle arrangements, and of course gorgeously composed songs, the debut Walking Apollo EP serves as the perfect introduction to a vital new voice in indie-folk music.

“When I wrote music in the past, they always seemed to come out as darker songs,” Taccolini says. “For some reason I couldn’t write happy music, no matter how hard I tried. This album was so simple for me to write sunnier lyrics. Having my wife as my muse has made my world brighter and it shows in my lyrics.”

Originally from Michigan, Taccolini currently resides in Fort Worth. Going by his stage name of Walking Apollo, Buddy is carving out his niche in the Texas scene with an acoustic guitar, some rudimentary recording equipment, and an uncanny ability to paint moving pictures of everyday life through his songs.

Listen to You’re My Pride And Joy, Etc. on Spotify and watch videos for Glowing In The Dark and Lovely People above, and find Walking Apollo at his website and Facebook.

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