Bodenbender Sends Out A Prayer On A Fishing Line

The singer-songwriter voices a gentle prayer from the road to enlightenment.

Bodenbender will hook you with his intimate and inspirational single and video Fishing Line — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Quietly unspooling to the strains of a lightly strummed acoustic guitar, the hickory-voiced singer-songwriter’s peacefully uplifting release voices a gentle prayer from a wandering soul on the path to solitude, enlightenment and serenity.

“I’ve been holding my breath for as long as I can,” Bodenbender — real name: Matt Viscido — reveals in a near-whisper as the life-affirming track begins. “I’m at that point, I just gotta exhale. When I do, I just know I’ll find what I’ve been searching for this whole time … I sent out a prayer, a fishing line attached to my soul. Maybe I’ll find it as I’m walking down the road.”

If they sound like the words of someone who’s learned how to find light in the darkness, no wonder. “Music got me through the toughest of times and it saved my life,” Viscido explains. “All I want to do now is help others. Those who are in dark places, those who feel there is no escape, those who feel and believe they will never be happy. I want to tell those people: Everything will be OK.”

That ability to embrace and transform hardship even extends to his stage name, he claims. “Bodenbender is a man who chose to make my life hell while serving in the Navy. He used his rank and power to inflict as much damage to me as he could. During my naval stint, I played a lot of guitar and made many songs about my beloved senior chief Bodenbender. Many of the guys got a kick out of it. I guess the name stuck, and will forever be in my life. Only (now) the name brings nothing but a smile to my face instead of a frown.”

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