BUSM Want You To Smile For The Camera, Baby

The Oshawa trio turn your frown upside-down with their audacious new release.

BUSM are guaranteed to put a Smile on your mug with their audacious single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Boisterously brimming with chicken-scratch wah-wah guitar licks, percolating basslines and solidly grooving drums, the Oshawa trio’s latesttrack is nothing short of a vibrant funkadelic firecracker. “The intention with Smile was a riff-rock blues vibe reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix and/or Stevie Ray Vaughn,” the band explain. But the song’s deeper message isn’t lost on anyone who’s paying attention. “In some ways, the song lyrics reflect a commentary on social media and the pressure everyone feels to look good in society: to project a positive image. It is a commentary on the organic nature of smiling — an act which cannot be forced.”

BUSMBig Up Sour Mash — features Shawn Cormier on guitar, Dustin Cormier on bass and Mike Loyal on drums. They started out as a comedic acoustic-rock group, but eventually morphed into “a three-headed dragon of electric commercial punk mixed with dark, erotic undertones of rock ’n’ roll.” That sound is honed by their producer Austin Nolan, a dedicated gearhead and audio engineer who gives the band plenty of input during the creative process. “Austin is very very meticulous as an engineer/producer, taking painstaking time to sculpt the body of the sound.”

They’ve been keeping him busy; Smile is BUSM’s fourth single of the year, preceded by Can’t Be Bothered, Sticky Magazine and Pretty Kitty. “We took a new approach to releasing songs by debuting them all as singles, each with their own unique album art,” they say. “We took a lot of time figuring out the aesthetics of each title cover, which we are particularly fond of and proud of.”

Watch Smile above, hear more from BUSM below, and yuk it up at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.