The Sonic Reducers | Rah Rah For The Linda Lindas

Join us as we celebrate the wonderfulness of music's new teen-punk phenom.

The Internet sucks so hard so much of the time that it’s easy to forget it can occasionally be a force for good.

We were all reminded of that fact this weekend, when L.A. all-girl teen-punk outfit The Linda Lindas exploded all over the world, thanks to their live video of the song Racist, Sexist Boy, performed at the L.A. Public Library, of all places. In less than a week the young quartet have become the toast of the music world, and have now reportedly been courted by iconic punk label Epitaph. There is nothing not to love about this charming story. Join big-time rock publicist Eric Alper and I on today’s instalment of The Sonic Reducers as we celebrate the general wonderfulness of these newly crowned phenoms, take delight in their warp-speed success, and debate how long it will take them to get huge, break up and reform for a reunion tour. Ane we do it all in the space of five minutes. Which is only slightly less time than it took these three young women to achieve world domination.