I’m A Snake, David Poole Confesses In New Single & Video

The artsy electro-pop duo take you inside their world with their latest release.

David Poole charm you with their biting new single and video I’m A Snake — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest offering from the artsy electro-pop duo’s upbeat, futuristic, and slightly surreal EP DPEP, I’m A Snake reinforces David Poole’s motto and manifesto: “We’re not just making art and music — we’re building a world.”

It even has a name: Three Cloud City in Readymade Utopia. That’s the home of David Poole, the brainchild of Thomas Thurlow and Kate Nikles. It’s also the realm of previous singles like Mother, Christmas Hurts and Perfect Record, featuring the ringtone-like sound that serves as the duo’s sonic signature.

“I began the process of recording DPEP by experimenting with sound,” Thurlow explains. “Because the songs are taking place within the world of Readymade Utopia, I wanted to create new sounds that are unlike anything we hear in our world. I experimented with a number of production processes while building the texture of the release. That’s how I discovered what I call Recursive Sound Interpretation. In this process, a section of a song is interpreted as midi data before being consolidated into audio again. The audio is then read to midi another time to create a computer’s rendering of what the part once was. I used this Recursive Sound Interpretation throughout the EP, but you can hear it best on I’m a Snake.”

“It helps show the listener what David’s life in Three Cloud City feels like,” he continues. “I’m not creating music about David Poole and his world, I’m creating the music that David is making in his world. David Poole’s work exists both within this world, and helps expand this world. David Poole’s musical ethos is ‘just because it’s sad doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!’ Through David, I’m fashioning sonic landscapes that are not just unique to Readymade Utopia, but also unique to the character, his life, and the way he wants to tell his story. Through electronic dance floor rhythms, immersive soundscapes, and lyrics that use imagery and wordplay to propel a narrative, Poole’s struggles and triumphs as an up-and-coming musician in Three Cloud City start to come to life.”

The Readymade Utopia team position their work to explore how different forms of media can be combined to create worlds for their musicians to live in, as well as how that fabricated environment impacts the way listeners experience its music. “Storytelling is at the core of everything we do,” Thurlow shares. “That also holds true for each of the songs on DPEP. I wanted to use sounds to not only create music that embodies the world of Readymade Utopia, but that tell relatable, real stories. Every sound we hear conjures deeply personal emotions, or brings us back to a formative memory — even if we don’t realize it.”

Watch I’m A Snake above, listen to DPEP below, and follow David Poole on Facebook and Instagram.