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Next Week in Music | March 1-7 • New Books

It wouldn't hurt you to take out those earbuds and pick up a book now and then.

Post-millennial U.K. punk, primo drum & bass, and putting a price on all your vintage vinyl — these are your musical reads of the week. Here’s what you’ll find between the covers:


The Scene That Would Not Die: Twenty Years Of Post-Millennial Punk In The U.K.
By Ian Glasper

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Scene That Would Not Die: Twenty Years of Post-Millennial Punk In The U.K. is the fifth and final book in Ian Glasper’s acclaimed series documenting the UK punk scene, bringing to a conclusion his in-depth analysis of this most underground musical genre, that began with 2003’s Burning Britain: A History of UK Punk 1980-1984. Featuring 111 bands active since 2000, hundreds of exclusive new interviews and previously unseen photos, this book explores the many insidious challenges faced by the scene: hedonism, nostalgia and apolitical apathy, not to mention coronavirus, Brexit and the rise of social media completely removing the mystique that drew many to punk rock in the first place. All could have derailed lesser genres, and there are indeed many detractors that have pronounced punk as a creative force dead in the water. But the reality — if you scratch beneath the surface — is that punk has gone underground once again, and is as vibrant and relevant as it’s always been; there are still thousands of angry youths making vital music the length and breadth of the nation, and they still don’t need permission from anyone to have their say.”

Who Say Reload: The Stories Behind the Classic Drum & Bass Records of the ’90s
By Paul Terzulli & Eddie Otchere

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Who Say Reload is a knockout oral history of the records that defined jungle/drum & bass straight from the original sources. The likes of Goldie, DJ Hype, Roni Size, Andy C, 4hero and many more talk about the influences, environment, equipment, samples, beats and surprises that went into making each classic record.”

Rare Record Price Guide 2022
By Ian Shirley

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Launched in 1987 and published biannually, the Rare Record Price Guide 2022 is the 16th edition of the world’s most comprehensive guide to prices of releases from 1950 to the current day. Compiled by the expert staff and contributors of Record Collector, the world’s leading magazine in the field, the guide spans every musical genre from Rock, Pop, Soul, Punk, Blues, Jazz, Disco, Acid House, Techno, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dance, Rock n’ Roll, Metal, Progressive, Psych, Indie, Country, Folk, Exotica, Soundtracks, and M.O.R. With over 100,000 entries, the 1400+ page publication provides an A to Z guide to rare and collectable releases with catalogue numbers, B-sides, and current mint values for singles, EPs and 12″s, LPs and other collectable formats like 10″ LPs, flexi, and picture discs. Rest assured that no matter how obscure your taste you’ll find the most sought after items here, whether your particular obsession is Progressive rock, Dance, 70’s Jazz Funk, Soul, 80’s Post Punk, Hip-Hop, Reggae, NWOBHM and collectable bands and artists from the 1950s to the present day.”

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