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Now Hear This: Death By Unga Bunga | Heavy Male Insecurity

The Norwegian troublemakers stretch their legs on a powerfully poppy fifth outing.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Death By Unga Bunga are on a roll these days. In 2020, the band created coolest streaming show of the year with Once Upon a Time in Deadwood City, made their own beer and released four kickass singles. Needless to say, expectations are sky-high for their latest album — wait for it — Heavy Male Insecurity.

The five rockers from Moss, Norway, known for exceptional crowd control, impeccable guitar skills, immaculate pizza-eating and flawless music have readied another assault on your eardrums. As one outlet put it: “Hard rock and garage rock smashing into each other and creating surprisingly sunny sounding riffage.”

Having dominated the rock scene for a decade with machismo, swagger and loud guitars, one would think that Death By Unga Bunga were accomplished tough guys and Casanovas, but underneath the extremely tough and badass exterior there is a group of five insecure boys. And what they want to communicate to you is: “There’s a place for every misfit in this stupid world even though it might not always seem that way. You’re more than welcome to hang with us! ”

Death By Unga Bunga played garage rock when all the other anemic kids were playing so-called indie, and they transitioned to arena rock when garage and psych became all the rage. In other words, these guys know everything about being outsiders — or trendsetters as we like to call it. Thundering down their own unique path outside of the mainstream, the band is constantly perfecting their craft of writing irresistible anthems about partying, not fitting in and male insecurity.

When do you have to grow up? For how long can you push it before you become that cringey character who doesn’t want to face reality, and embarrasses friends and family? When is enough enough? Don’t ask the Bunga boys, because they refuse to acknowledge these issues.”