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Indie Roundup | 31 Tracks To Maximize Your Monday

Keemosabe, Kiwi Jr., Dead Dirty Dinosaurs and more help start your week off right.

Keemosabe head out, Kiwi Jr. want your vote, Dirty Dead Dinosaurs are out for revenge, Carlie Hanson goes on an ego trip and more in your Monday Roundup. I was planning to get my shit together this week. I think we can all see how well that’s turning out so far.



1 | Keemosabe | Out of the City Pt. 2

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Fast-rising Italian alt-rock trio Keemosabe return with a dazzling, heist inspired, tongue-in-cheek video clip for new track Out of the City Pt. 2, lifted from the debut album Look Closer, out Oct. 23. An explosive, high-octane indie tour de force, Out of the City Pt. 2 urges us to truly rediscover ourselves by refusing to conform to accepted norms that do not belong to us, while breaking the chains that psychologically block people. The band explain: “The theme of evasion from the city undoubtedly reflects the life experiences for us as a band. We spent several years living between New York City and London before deciding to pack it all in and return to Italy, living in a small studio in the middle of the remote woods of Lake Maggiore. It was a meditative experience and it cleared our heads and allowed us to create music and to live communally away from the hustle and bustle of city living.”

2 | Kiwi Jr. | Undecided Voters

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto’s Kiwi Jr. are getting set to release their sophomore LP in 2021. Ahead of that release is Undecided Voters, Kiwi Jr.’s darkly comic new single and official video. Kiwi Jr. has this to offer on the single: “We all know Undecided Voters: democracy’s driftwood, the third planks in the flotsam that purple the pie chart, always on sight and never a part of the scene. Placing imminent demise neatly to one side, Kiwi Jr. concentrate on the real Issues: the terrible alliance between King Crab and the timezones; 3D printing causing mass sculptor redundancies; and the playlist at the Duane Reade. After all, who is it we’re really voting for: Spartacus or the dead?”

3 | Dead Dirty Dinosaurs | Revenge

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The new single from the Dead Dirty Dinosaurs is all about, you guessed it, Revenge. Well not quite. Hidden beneath all the pent up emotion and dirty, dirty guitars is a real understanding that putting that mess behind you and letting it all go is going to do you a real solid in the long run. The first listen will let you get worked up over every wrong you’ve felt but never managed to right. But if you listen back you’ll get that, to the DDD’s, not letting the idiots and the rest of the excrement you can’t control get the better of you is what keeps you going and lifts you up and out of the storm below. We’ve all got someone on list from way back when that still gets your goat, but maybe kicking back with the Dead Dirty Dinosaurs cranked to 11 might help you forget about getting Revenge.

4 | Carlie Hanson | Ego (ft. Iann Dior)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After releasing her latest offering, Ego (feat. Iann Dior) on Friday, Carlie Hanson is back with the track’s official music video. The visuals, directed by Ryan Baxley, are nearly as edgy as the track — Carlie and Iann give endless punk vibes and show that they refuse to be put in a box. The song comes off of Carlie’s upcoming seven-track EP DestroyDestroyDestroyDestroy, which will arrive Oct. 23.”

5 | The Habits | Amelia

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles alt-pop duo The Habits released their latest single Amelia, off of their upcoming EP What’s The Worst That Could Happen? The duo wanted to bring some fun and escapism into 2020 as many people are grappling with the COVID 19 pandemic and unexpected events of this year. The music video provides fans with four minutes of catchy hooks and visuals that drown out the noise of 2020. “Amelia is just a tease of the amount of vulnerability displayed on our new EP What’s The Worst That Could Happen?,” vocalist Wolf Bradley explained.”

6 | Psyrena | Jedi Master

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Fast-rising London alt-pop musician / animator Psyrena (Madeleine Wise) returns with an effervescent, modern day electro-pop jam Jedi Master, lifted from her forthcoming EP Quarantella Rockefella. Jedi Master is a powerful 8-bit electronica synth-fest with a much deeper message. Psyrena says: “It all started with this synth melody, which I wanted to find words to. Then rewatching Star Wars during lockdown, I was inspired by the wisdom of Yoda and somehow I ended up finding a proverb by Xún Zi, a Confucian philosopher. Two Chinese friends read this out to me and it fit the melody to a T – as if it was meant to be – that’s how Jedi Master was born.”

7 | The Damnnation | Apocalypse

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brazilian metal band The Damnnation release the videoclip for the single Apocalypse. The track is part of the EP entitled Parasite, which will be released in November. Apocalypse brings a new and extremely heavy sound, a different style within the extreme metal being difficult to classify in just one specific genre. The single is available on all digital platforms. The Damnnation is a female power trio that brings a versatile sound that mixes several strands of extreme metal. Three insane girls making metal without labels, aware and consistent with themes about depression, injustice and politics. With influences from Testament, Megadeth, Nervosa and Kreator.”

8 | Donovan Woods w/ People Project | She Waits For Me To Come Back Down (ft. Katie Pruitt)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Donovan Woods is a songwriter adept at magnifying the tiniest moments of human intimacy, and in She Waits For Me To Come Back Down, his new duet with Katie Pruitt, they explore the ability of love’s grace to overcome unhealthy imbalances. Off Woods’ forthcoming Without People album, out Nov. 6, She Waits For Me To Come Back Down is produced by James Bunton and vocal producer Todd Clark (Dua Lipa, Noah Kahan, Phillip Phillips). “Katie Pruitt and I wrote this together and it was her idea — a love song for her girlfriend, I think,” says Woods. “I love the mood in this song. It’s lovely and sweet, but steeped in a bit of worry that we may be hearing about a slightly unhealthy relationship. But aren’t all the good ones? A friend of mine told me after hearing it that, ‘I’m a mess and she’s a masterpiece,’ is a line that could only be written by a woman about a woman. I don’t know if that’s true, but luckily that is the case here.”

9 | Singapore Sling | Touch The Filth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Singapore Sling’s Good Sick Fun LP is out in the world now and to celebrate Henrik has shared the video for Touch The Filth, a quintessentially Singapore Sling track if ever there was one! An invitation to “rejoice in doing wrong”, you can stream the Icelandic rock ’n’ roll freak’s latest full-length.”


10 | L’Orchidée Cosmique | Live From The Bus

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A couple of months after the official release of Vision / SF12, French space-noise fuzz-post-metal one-man-band L’Orchidée Cosmique aka Flo P. (bass/fuzz/synth/looper) is back with another short-length record called M87, out this fall. In the meantime, L’OC shared a first glance from its upcoming effort with a live session recorded in a bus a few weeks ago. “Composed naturally, without constraint, during confinement and recorded in June 2020, this EP was inspired by SciFi Z movies. These four titles were thought of as if a cosmonaut crew landed on a new planet. More synths than in the old recordings, still fuzzy riffs and even more pedalboards underfoot …”

11 | Chaos Chaos | Need You

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Chaos Chaos, the synth-pop project of sisters Asya and Chloe Saavedra, are pleased to present the official video for their new single Need You. The video was produced  edited by the band’s Chloe Saavedra and Mike Smith. Chloe says, “We were bored quarantining like everyone else and bought green screens, also like everyone else, and made this clowny video. We all love clown esthetics so we felt it was fitting to play that up a little and just make a goofy video.”

12 | Maddox Jones | No More Ghosts

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Fresh off the release of his Headspace debut EP in July, Maddox Jones is back with the official video for the EP’s closing track No More Ghosts. The track is an ambitious ballad, and in Jones’ own words, “It’s a heartfelt and haunting goodbye, finally making peace and letting go of something or someone that has been a major part of your life. It was inspired by a scene in the Netflix series You where Joe Goldberg says, “There’s no more ghosts in this bed.”

13 | Alex Southey | On The Dance Floor

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Alex Southey is a singer-songwriter based in Toronto. His unique blend of wandering lyricism, atmospheric strings, and emotive sense of melody make for an engrossing, contemplative listen. Alex just released a new single, On The Dance Floor. The song is an atmospheric folk track celebrating all the people dating, enjoying themselves, enjoying the nightlife in Toronto. The song has been paired with a visual made up of sourced and filmed clips to reflect the tenderness of the song as a whole.”

14 | The Deathray Davies | Then You Met Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “If you can believe it, 15 years have passed since the garage-rock outfit The Deathray Davies have shared any new material. That changes today with the forthcoming release of a brand new album, Time Well Wasted. The record’s first single, Then You Met Me, is inspired by the sound of the ’60s British Invasion. Said bandmember John Dufiho: “I quickly wrote 13 songs in a row, realizing right away that they were DRD songs. I sent demos to the band, asking if they wanted to jump back in. Right away, everyone wrote back “HELL YES!” A 15-year nap … suddenly we’re awake.”

15 | Foul Body Autopsy | Like A Phantom Of The Heart

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On Oct. 10, Foul Body Autopsy will release a brand new EP, Consumed By Black Thoughts, to coincide with World Mental Health Day, which this year is highlighting the ever more acute issue of suicide. Consumed By Black Thoughts deals with Tom Reynolds‘ own struggles with mental illness, giving a powerful, personal perspective to this stunning collection of dark, melodic songs. Today Tom reveals a second song from the EP, as a new video for the emotive track Like A Phantom Of The Hear’ premieres. Tom said, “It’s about unrequited love and how it makes you only want what you can’t have and only what brings you pain. It’s kind of a warning song about not wasting your time fixating on something that makes you miserable.”


16 | Jamal Bucanon | Waved

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “23-year-old Leicester-raised London resident Jamal Bucanon presents his debut single Waved, a whimsical yet masculine ode to intoxication. Awash with tight natural drum sounds, reverse swells and delayed chords, it is a clever blend of Electronica, Jazz and Alternative Indie. Lyrically, Jamal cites influences from Skepta, The Streets, J Dilla, Kano and Floating Points. Sonically, Waved is inspired by a string of dead-end jobs and the allure of intoxication. A two-part saga, the track evolves from merely underpinning the dialogue into an instrumental out groove showcasing a developed and sophisticated production style.”

17 | Live Skull | In A Perfect World

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “NYC’s Live Skull have announced a new album, Dangerous Visions, to be released on Dec. 11. In A Perfect World, the first single to be taken from the album, is fraught with the tension of our times. Sirens wail, then a bass crashes through. Cooped up in his apartment during “the darkest moment of the [COVID-19] shutdown in NYC,” singer and guitarist Mark C wrote lyrics and recorded vocals while ambulances sped past outside. “I sat in the dark … and dreamed of a more perfect world to replace the damaged one we lived in,” he recalls. “But, as gritty guitar sounds and the incessant beat of the drum and bass line charged forward, I knew we belonged to this world of struggle and chaos.”

18 | Helion Prime | Photo 51

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Helion Prime have released a new lyric video for the fourth single Photo 51 off of their upcoming album Question Everything, due out on Oct. 5. The band comments: “Photo 51 is based on…Photo 51! The first photograph of DNA. This song is a favorite among the band from the new album and those who have heard it seem to claim it as a favorite as well! It might just become a new staple in our live sets!”

19 | PeeZee | Summer Luv

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Darker times call for happy music and happy music is exactly what Summer Luv is. Everybody remembers those 1980s movies where the lead character would hop in his car and disappear into the sunset to a funky melodious upbeat soundtrack as the credits would start rolling, that’s Summer Luv. “I wanted a SUPER feel-good song driven by an moving bassline with clear keys sounds and EVERYTHING 80s while still sounding current.” PeeZee handled all the production on this new joint which is an ode to his childhood, growing up in the ’80s & ’90s. “I just hope the youth can let the infectious electric funk get to them and start smiling & dancing again.”

20 | Tony Reed | Waterbirth

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Seattle’s revered multi-instrumentalist Tony Reed (Mos Generator) shares the second single off new solo album Funeral Suit, to be released Nov. 6. With Funeral Suit, Reed delivers his most up-close and personal work to date. Known for being the driving force behind heavy rock stalwarts Mos Generator since 2000, the prolific songwriter made his solo debut with The Lost Chronicles Of Heavy Rock Vol. 1 tribute record in 2018, yet never had he found the right occasion to sit down, grab a guitar and lay himself bare as freely and soulfully as he does on Funeral Suit.”

21 | Chuck Leah | I Lost Her in Tucson

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Old-soul Texas singer-songwriter Chuck Leah shares his new song I Lost Her in Tucson from his upcoming album, Band of Ghosts, out Oct. 16. I Lost Her in Tucson tells the story of a love gone wrong in the deserts of Arizona and how the singer tries to move on. The slight southern twang and the love story told through the lyrics give the song a bit of a country sound. Chuck says, “the album is a stroll from Texas to Louisiana,” and goes through the Arizona desert, down the Sunset Strip and to Nashville. Leah continues, “I find a lot of pleasure in roaming. It keeps the creative juices flowing. I’ll be somewhere at a diner or something, and I’ll hear a phrase that I’ve never heard before. Sometimes that’ll set the gears rolling.”

22 | Homes | Mama I’m Tired

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Eight months after releasing his debut album Lufu , 22-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Homes returns with Mama I’m Tired — an emotional confession to his mother about growing disillusioned with the world. In his own words: “I was going through a rough patch during the process of writing Mama I’m Tired and pretty much every time I was with my mom I only vented to her and complained about how sad, frustrated and angry I am about everything around me — mostly about growing up, transitioning between adolescence and adulthood and entering the “real world,” which turned out, as I say in the opening lines, “cold.” My mental health had deteriorated quite drastically during that time of life, which was also a big part of the inspiration for the song. When I put together the music for it, I immediately knew what the theme would be.”

23 | Scenic Route to Alaska | Polarized

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Polarized, the new single from Scenic Route to Alaska, is about the ongoing division in society and the constant mania of life’s ups and downs. It’s about the need for positive change, openness and equality. Produced by Scenic Route to Alaska and Colin Stewart, the immersive and intuitive recording experience translates throughout Polarized. Enjoy the tune, feel the groove and then go do something nice for someone else.”

24 | The Parson Red Heads | Turn Around

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Parson Red Heads will release Lifetime of Comedy on Nov. 13. The second single Turn Around is out now. Right from the start, with its chimey 12-string guitar intro, the track draws the listener in and doesn’t let go. Reminiscent of classic ’80s/’90s indie, songs like this are what the Parsons do best. “Turn Around started as a lot of the songs I’ve been writing these days do — as a half-jibberish sung melody line, sung into my phone’s voice memo while driving. It stayed in that form for a good year before I found it, dusted it off, and brought it to the band. This song is a testament to the strength of the bands collaborative writing on this album. Everyone’s parts are so integral to the song’s small and simple beauty.”

25 | Bo and The Locomotive | Seen It All

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Seen It All comes from Bo and the Locomotive, the project of St. Louis-based artist Bo Bulawsky. The track comes via Bo’s third full-length record, Everything Was Wild, out on Oct. 9. After five years, 20 tours, 2.5 lineup changes, and over $100 made, Bo is back with his best work yet on Everything Was Wild. Reflective of the current state of the U.S.A., he deconstructs his thoughts on toxic masculinity, white privilege, and love in 2020 on this self-produced, self-recorded effort. Operating as both a band and a solo project over the years has helped shape the sound of these songs, which evoke a feeling of nostalgia and fondness for days past.”

26 | Scalp | Bastard Land

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Brutal metallic hardcore quartet Scalp release their debut LP Domestic Extremity on Nov. 13. The album’s lead single Bastard Land has been posted. Scalp is Southern California’s most violent and unpredictable new outfit, bred on a wide range of influences from across and beyond the realms of extreme music. Facets of classic and technical death metal, West Coast crust, and modern hardcore unite in an explosive attack in the vein of Nails, Dead In The Dirt, Dystopia, Homewrecker and Terminal Nation.”

27 | Stephn | More (ft. DNDSECTION)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Weaving together a love of fashion and creative direction, New York-based, Nigeria and D.C.-raised artist Stephn draws on every aspect of his artistry to make music that’s an immersive experience for listeners. Paired with edgy and thoughtfully curated visuals, More (ft. DNDSECTION) brings to life feelings of vulnerability and intimacy, underpinned by a jazz-infused beat that’s reminiscent of the R&B of yesteryear. Sharing the sentiment behind the track, Stephn says: “More taps into a different level of emotion. It is exactly that feeling of tasting something and not being able to have enough and turning that feeling into an emotion toward someone and craving that intimacy and attention. I had to really dig deep into myself to relive my past emotional journey in order to properly arrange this song.”

28 | Scuttlers | Sun’s Gone In On Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Scuttlers are a four-piece rock ’n’ roll band from Manchester. They founded in late 2017 and burst onto the scene playing Manchester’s most iconic venues and building a following.  With comparisons to The Beatles, Libertines and The Clash, the band have been back in the studio after lockdown and can’t wait to release new tunes. Scuttlers’ new single Sun’s Gone In On Me is a highly infectious tune that is sweetly produced and riddled with memorable hooks, a huge chorus and a catchy backbeat that meshes beautifully with gently distorted guitar riffs. Scuttlers have a unique twist in their sound that sets them apart from many of their contemporaries. This is Brit-rock at its absolute best.”

29 | Zach Cornell | Simple

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Zach Cornell’s second single Simple is out now. Cornell’s unique storytelling ability, often compared to Jason Isbell, shines through in every single song on the upcoming record. Simple, however, takes his writing to a new level. A harrowing story told by one of the best new voices in Nashville, Simple puts a modern take on a country music staple — the old-fashioned murder ballad.”

30 | Kidgloves | Satellite

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “L.A.’s Kidgloves began with Satellite, a song that came to Cody Aledia while musing with friends over the nostalgia of the past — yesterday’s mystique, a time when stillness was spent riding waves of imagination. The song poured out; Aledia shared it with his friend Emily Brimlow who was moved by its unique perspective and helped finish the story. Society is changing by the second, yet one thing remains constant — the world is spinning under our thumbs, and we all seem to be okay with it. It’s a song about being tethered to the damn telephone. Yeah, we’re talking about you too … ”

31 | Chey Rose | Number One

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “It’s the brutally honest realization we all feel at some point but struggle to admit to ourselves: “I’m no one’s number one.” Those words became the hook of the emotionally raw, all-too-relatable new release from Nashville pop artist Chey Rose. Number One, a chill-pop tune driven by pulsing synths, lofi beats and raw, intimate vocals, invokes a bittersweet feeling of longing. She elaborates, “ ‘I’m no one’s number one’ — those are the exact words that popped into my head the night of July 4, when all my friends already had other plans & I realized I would be spending the holiday alone. I ended up spontaneously driving six hours to my hometown in Ohio to spend the weekend with my family, and it was on that drive that Number One’s chorus idea came to me.”