A Family Curse | LA Blues: Exclusive Video Premiere

54-40’s Neil Osbourne & daughter Kandle offer a new preview of their debut disc.

A Family Curse head to Hollywood to track down a twisted sister in their trippy new single and video LA Blues — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

And if this family that plays together looks familiar, no wonder: A Family Curse co-stars 54•40 frontman Neil Osborne (aka Niz) and his singer-songwriter daughter Kandle (aka Baby Kiz). And the the curse they share is their addiction to the fuzzy psychedelic blues-rock that defines their seductive sound. “We are kin,” the duo explain. “We make our music from experimenting with various audio scraps and acting on our emotions.”

Decidedly different from their respective artistic pursuits, Niz and Kiz’s approach to A Family Curse — soon to be heard far and wide via their self-titled debut album — seizes firm hold of whatever emotions and random instruments are within reach. Not to mention whatever family and friends happen to be nearby: It’s not uncommon to hear assorted Osborne uncles, cousins and other honorary musician ‘adoptees’ chime in on the tracks, from the LP’s kickoff Cast A Curse to the release roundout Getaway Car. The result is bespoke musical mastery of the best variety — 10 tracks of pure folk-art best listened to, they urge, under the light of the Moon.

Soak up some LA Blues above, sample some more sounds from A Family Curse below, and get cursed via their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.