Indie Roundup | 14 Tracks To Make Labour Day Sound Better

Suzie Stapleton, Dirty Sound Magnet, CNJR and more upgrade your holiday.

Suzie Stapleton sings a September song, Dirty Sound Magnet get social, CNJR burn for you, Mike Clerk plays the fool and more in your Labour Day Roundup. Call me the workin’ man. I guess that’s what I am.


1 | Suzie Stapleton | September

THE PRESS RELEASE: “As autumn creeps through the door, Suzie Stapleton has unveiled a timely new film clip for the appropriately titled track September, the fourth single from the Brighton-based Australian artist’s self-produced debut album We Are The Plague. The album, which weaves its way through alternative rock to gothic-blues and dark-folk, has been stacking up praise with Stapleton being compared to Patti Smith, Nick Cave, Emma Ruth Rundle and Mark Lanegan. Whilst We Are The Plague is the defiant call of a generation sold down the river, September takes a more introspective turn. Stapleton’s band — bassist Gavin Jay (who also filmed and edited the video) of Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind and drummer Jim Macaulay of The Stranglers — rumble beneath Stapleton’s driving guitar lines, which are reminiscent of an unhinged Thurston Moore. Lyrically Stapleton doesn’t disappoint with a feverish shamanistic outpouring as the song crescendos and her dry-wit shining through with lines such as ‘Muses don’t get royalties’.”

2 | Dirty Sound Magnet | Social Media Boy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “in these strange and difficult times, some bands are still working hard on new songs. Dirty Sound Magnet is one of them. So, only six months after the official release of Transgenic, the three Swiss alternative/rock/psych weirdos just recorded a brand new album, expected in 2021. But, before this one, they’ve got another album to release. Yes, they also recorded a live session called Live Alert and it’s coming out on Nov. 6. They just released a first glance from this upcoming record with the live session of their single Social Media Boy. As they say: “It is a representation of what Dirty Sound Magnet sounds like in a live setting. No overdubs, no production… Just sound, energy and emotion! We wanted to record our spring tours but Corona kicked in. So we decided to do it in our rehearsal room. It turns out it was the perfect setting. We were focused yet relaxed and inspired. The performances and the energy are what you would expect from us on a memorable night.”

3 | CNJR | Burning

THE PRESS RELEASE:Burning is the first single by CNJR from the upcoming album I Can See the Church Burning Through the Binoculars, which releases on Oct. 9. Burning is a departure from the sound of CNJR’s prior album; it is an indie-driven song focused around a psychedelic keyboard line, acoustic drums, and haunting vocals. Hinting at a new sound coming on the full release, Burning offers a glimpse of the melancholic and dark aesthetic typical to CNJR, yet through a different lens, focused on a more traditional song structure and vocal-driven sound. CNJR comments: “Burning is the last song written and recorded for the upcoming album. It was almost accidental. I was trying to finish another song for the record and it just wasn’t coming together, so I just started recording whatever came out as a way to clear my head. What happened was a complete song poured out, written and recorded entirely over 48 hours. It’s oddly become my favorite song on the release. Simple, moody, and to the point.”

4 | Mike Clerk | Thoughts Of Fools

THE PRESS RELEASE:Mike Clerk reveals the official video for his first single Thoughts of Fools. The track is taken from his forthcoming album The Space Between My Ears, an alternative rock record planned for release in the coming months, which centres around the themes of mental health issues and self reassurance. His first official video as a solo artist, Thoughts of Fools was filmed towards the end of June at the iconic Cardy Net House, a remote location out on the Fife coastline with a rich cultural history. Mike says: “The house used to be a factory which made fishing nets in the 19th century, and was built at Lower Largo on the South Coast of Fife in 1867 by Victorian entrepreneur David Gillies — a descendant of Alexander Selkirk who spent five years as a castaway on a Pacific Island and became the inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe.”

5 | Makola | Everyday Legend

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Firebrand East London duo Makola return with an upbeat, positive message on new cut Everyday Legend, lifted from their forthcoming EP due to drop later this year. The accompanying video is inspiring on every level and a welcome return to the sound that brought the duo to the table, combining African hooks with British lyrics. Makola say: “It’s important for us to look at the legends of the past that have paved the way to allow us the opportunity to be legends ourselves. No matter what you do or where you come from we can all become legends in our own right.”

6 | Marenna-Meister | The Price of Love

THE PRESS RELEASE:Marenna-Meister release the first single from their debut album Out of Reach. The track The Price of Love debuted today with a lyric video produced by Tiago Medeiros. Marenna-Meister is the new project of singer Rod Marenna and guitarist Alex Meister. Out Of Reach which will be released Sept. 28 and features 10 extremely powerful tracks with the energy of the ’80s Hard Rock and Glam Metal. With the most intense vibrations, combining her experiences of more than 25 years dedicated to this style, Marenna-Meister promote an exciting union between melodic and striking vocals, powerful riffs and guitar solos with tons of energy to be listened to the maximum volume.”

7 | Vaughan | BitCrushed

THE PRESS RELEASE: “As a graceful voice for the young queer community, Thomas Harvey is the English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind the alt-pop moniker Vaughan. Speaking with vulnerability through his eloquent poetic lyrics, the downtempo electro-pop artist has released his new single BitCrushed. The track is a reflection of Vaughan’s own experiences of allowing his desires to consume him and enjoying the painful process of falling for someone he knew was wrong. He explains: “I knew falling in love was bad for me, yet all I wanted was to drink up every drop of it. My feelings were torn by my over-thinking and underestimating and I wondered if I had found this almighty love that we all crave, or if I had been crushed before I had the chance.”

8 | Foul Body Autopsy | My Liberation in Death

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Oct. 10 is World Mental Health Day, a day for raising awareness of mental health issues worldwide, with this year’s event focussing on suicide prevention. Oct. 10 is also the day when Tom Reynolds will release his new Foul Body Autopsy EP, Consumed By Black Thoughts. It’s no coincidence that these events should collide, with the release date for Consumed By Black Thoughts being very carefully chosen. As Tom explains… “I have written this EP from my own perspective of living with a mental illness. I often find that mental illness tends to be romanticized by the media and vapid celebrities who seem to think it’s an interesting personality accessory. I wanted to talk about living with mental illness from a human perspective, not as a way to glean sympathy or to feel sorry for myself but to just tell the truth. Living with an untreated mental illness is fucking horrible! I can’t say at any point it has been romantic! Though I have gone through treatment and I am on psychoactive medication it still affects my life from time to time. Obviously, things are much better than they have been in years but this is something I am probably never going shake off completely.”

9 | Sonn | Something, Safe

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Young electronic-indie producer Sonn’s Something, Safe is taken from his recently released EP of the same name. Directed by buzzing videographer NO_ID, the bright and striking, yet intimate visuals pair beautifully with the brooding lo-fi production and Sonn’s soothing vocals.”

10 | Moglii | Face to Face

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Fast rising Cologne based producer / singer / composer Moglii (Simon Ebener-Holscher) releases Face To Face, a tantalisingly, intricate soul-pop gem laced with infectious vocal harmonies courtesy of Joel Montagud, singer of Berlin’s future-soul outfit Lion Sphere. Moglii says: “We wrote this song about our expectations towards a modern romance. A call for honesty especially in the fragility of a long-distance relationship. The promise that technology gives us nowadays is to bridge the gap between places and bring us closer together. Video calls or messaging can quickly create misunderstandings when this is the only form of communication. In the end nothing can substitute a face to face conversation.”

11 | Zenith Moon | Fight For Me

THE PRESS RELEASE:Zenith Moon release their new single Fight For Me. Zenith Moon are baring their souls in new single. Based on a battle with cancer, Fight For Me is about enduring the worst and never giving up hope. This latest offering from Zenith Moon follows to recent singles Gypsy and Going Under. An emotive power ballad, Fight For Me has room for Kalliope (vocals) to show her dynamic and emotional versatility. Starting with a delicate croon, she quickly ascends to dizzying heights as her message becomes more impassioned. The band is in lockstep with her, echoing her emotions; Matthew (guitar) wails in unison while Andie (drums) commands the full weight of the kit to help escalate the song into a tenacious intercession.”

12 | King Bull | B-Side Baby

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canada’s burgeoning punk-tinged rockers King Bull have released their new single B-Side Baby, a tantalising insight into the band’s upcoming EP What Happened Here. Following recent singles Pay Attention and The Depender, B-Side Baby backs up King Bull’s reputation of impressive musicianship and ingenious riff-writing capabilities in a fresh rock hit. King Bull deliver yet another superb track that dives from garage-fused punky rock to an incredible Guns N’ Roses styled crescendo. This could be the track that defines King Bull; it is ready made for arenas.”

13 | Felix Cartal | Harmony

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Platinum hit producer Taelor Deitcher aka Felix Cartal releases his new single Harmony. Speaking of the single, Felix Cartal tells us, “It’s been weird times lately and in weird times I’ve always looked to music to be the answer for how I’m feeling. Often a sad song can be cathartic in the way it helps you feel less alone, like someone understands how you’re feeling too, and I love that feeling. It’s something I strive for often in the music I make. But there is another side of the spectrum, the song that can help lift your spirits rather than reinforce them. Harmony is inspired by the pop heroes that shaped the music that I unapologetically loved growing up. Simply put, it’s a song you put on that hopefully makes you feel a bit better than before you listened.”

14 | Vera Hotsauce | Ricochet

THE PRESS RELEASE: “With no room for compromise, Vera Hotsauce channels the sexual autonomy of Tove Lo, the fierce attitude of Rihanna and the futuristic otherworldliness of Charli XCX. Her new album Hot N Saucy documents Vera’s misadventures on the journey to self-actualisation. She tells us “This album tells a story about an era. I’ve made so many stupid decisions that got me so many crazy memories and took me on so many f-d up adventures.” Vera will not be held back from speaking out against injustice. Focus track Ricochet is a diss aimed squarely at 6ix9ine and his treatment of young girls.”