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Now Hear This: Kulk | Here Lies Kulk

I'm still getting caught up on all the good albums I missed last week. Like this one.

THE PRESS RELEASE:Kulk’s new debut LP Here Lies Kulk is heavy and noise filled, falling somewhere between The Melvins and Fuzz. This album sees the Suffolk-based duo of Jade Ashleigh and Thom Longdin move away from faster hard-rock riffs to something more doom infused. It’s equally chaotic as it is constant. There’s great weight in the barrages of guitar and drum blows that are only pierced by the distorted guttural screams. Thematically, the album explores topics of morality, conflict and rawness. They’re not to be missed at their live shows either with energy that could bring down the roof and noise that actually does, you can expect a brutal and sweaty show of power. Kulk have begun carving a path for their first monolithic sonic step. The album was recorded at Rum Records locally in Ipswich on half-inch tape in true fuzz style with the band taking an active role in the production of the album. Says Jade: “Making this record has been about simplicity, in its rawness and rudimental nature. Sometimes the most complicated thing is how simply it comes together.”