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ShotGunBillys | Mississippi

Dig into some beefy, bluesy southern-fried rock from this hard-hitting power trio.

The ShotGunBillys clearly like capital letters. Thankfully, the power trio also enjoy cranking out beefy, burly, bluesy southern-fried rock and roots in the vein of Gov’t Mule. And they know how to write a pretty damn fine song besides. So, far as I’m concerned, they can have all the damn capital letters they want.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “High-energy southern-rock blending Memphis blues with a steady Arkansas country handshake. Meet the ShotGunBillys. The band hails from the outskirts of Memphis. They were nurtured on the sounds that made Memphis great but have carved a distinct sound that blends it all. Lance McDaniel (lead vocals, guitar), David Snell (backing vocals, bass), and Case Cooper (drums, percussion) started playing together as the ShotGunBillys in 2008 but it wasn’t a straight and narrow path. Lance and David were bandmates in touring outfit The Chase Buchanan Band until 2002. During these years Memphis native Copper was honing his blues-rock drum chops with the rocking Florida party band Hubba Hubba and other acts along the Sunshine state’s Gulf Coast. The constant road life shaped the songwriting, musicianship, and work ethic of the trio. The ShotGunBillys debuted with BAM! in 2014 gaining fans and radio airplay. Make no mistake, The ShotGunBillys are all the good sounds southern music has to offer. They can be found rocking out with Black Oak ArkansasJim Dandy just as surely as jamming with The Bar-KaysJames Alexander. Their song Sic My Hogs on You, a tribute anthem to Arkansas Razorback tradition and players, has more than 20,000 views.”