Ayumi Anime | Fuck It: Exclusive Video Premiere

The singer-songwriter shrugs off drama and embraces joy in her latest single.

Ayumi Anime says Fuck It on her new single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The singer-songwriter shrugs off online drama and bitterness to embrace happiness and the high life in her most colourful and upbeat work yet, illustrating her motivational lyrics with a whimsical video — and showcasing her baby bump to boot.

“This song is my reality; it’s just how I see and feel the world around me right now,” says the singer-songwriter, Penthouse cover model and former U.S. erotic model. “Some of my fans are familiar with my former adult career and that I’ve been banned on Instagram like five times in a raw because of my non-appropriate content. I’ve been so annoyed, exhausted and tired of this situation so I wrote a song. I’ve learnt how social media can destroy your life, and while I wasn’t able to use my Insta I was free like a bird, mentally and physically.”

Her eighth single, Fuck It features “a cool vibe with a motivational and supportive message,” says Ayumi. “Everyone’s been waiting from me a high-tempo track, so here it is.”

The vibrant video, with its multiple locations and supporting cast, bolsters the lyrical message, she explains. “This video was produced by me and shot by my good friend. I invited my friends to participate in my project and they did rock. I’m so happy of how different they are! The same as locations! I wanted to show three different girl types and each of them is confident and beautiful.

“The pink location shows a girlish mood with those beauty masks and PJs … they’re together and they don’t care about how they look right now. The second look shows sexy and savage girls’ style. People can be jealous of how confident and hot she is … or judge her and call her ‘bitch’ etc., but she doesn’t care what people think and say … She say: ‘Fuck it, I just wanna live high.’ The last location idea is my favourite. I wanted to show the patience at the absolutely tough-shit place … the motivation is to stay calm and meditate, even if it’s trash around you. This look shows the maximum of my pregnant belly, and it’s my seventh month already.”

And while she’s far from her adopted home in the United States right now, Ayumi has a message for her North American followers. “I know how hard it can be for people staying there and I’d like to support every soul and heart born and living there … F**k it! Just be happy, f**k it and choose to live high… no matter what you go through.”

Watch Fuck It above, listen to the single HERE, and keep up with Ayumi Anime via her Instagram, YouTube, website and Twitter.