Hollow River Comes Clean (Or Does He?) In New Single & Video Known To Lie

The Canadian pop-punk rapper spells it out in his fast-paced lyrical clip.

Hollow River unleashes high-speed sonic chaos in his latest single Known To Lie — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“This song is basically from the perspective of a liar, and that framing allowed me to take the song to some really creative places, lyrically,” says Canadian pop-punk rapper Mark MacDonald. “It’s hard to tell which lines mean a lot and which are nonsense, which is a skill the best liars have mastered.”

Hollow River began his music career interning at Hamilton’s legendary Grant Avenue Studio (Daniel Lanois, Gordon Lightfoot) before heading to Boston — where he currently resides — to attend Berklee College of Music and pursue a double major in music production and engineering/songwriting. Time not spent studying revolves around furthering his craft, including freelance production and mix work with a variety of artists, and songwriting and arrangement consulting.

His efforts are quickly becoming noticed; “Mark is a talented and adaptable musician who can evolve on a dime when he needs to,” says Berklee songwriting professor George Woods. “(Mark is) committed and dedicated to what he does.” Award-winning songwriter and producer Pat Hanlin — MacDonald’s mentor at Hanlin’s Revivalhouse Records & Film — agrees, adding “(Hollow River’s) super power is the tone of his writing; it’s raw and real and really well composed, lyrically. The guy’s a maniac in the studio. You know anything Hollow River releases is going to BUMP!”

Watch Known To Lie above, hear more from Hollow River below, and keep up with him on his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.