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These Portlanders can talk some shit. But they've got the stuff to back it up too.

“I’m gonna need you to fuck off.” These Portland noisemakers don’t mince words on their debut album. Nor are they just shooting off their mouths. Over the course of this eight-song, 20-minute firecracker they back up that shit-talk with an impressive arsenal of searing guitar licks, primal drumbeats and a singer who channels the rage and angst of classic British punk. But like those oldsters, they’re also clever enough to lace their tunes with plenty of catchy melodies, singalong choruses and razor-wire hooks. I’d say they come closer to living up to their name than you expect, but let’s face it: None of these songs will ever be hits, even though they absolutely should be. You can disagree with me on that. But if you do, I’m gonna need you to do something.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After a head-warping intro, Men And Their Work kicks into eight driving post-punk rockers full of angst, confidence, feminism, melody, grit and a sense of direction not commonly found in a debut album. Shit, most seasoned bands don’t even make albums this coherent. It’s a smart moniker as All Hits certainly lives up to the promise. There is a 60/40 split of familiar comfort and provocative mystery inherent in every song. You get shouted sloganeering backed with barbed melody and finessed power-ups massaged into the sweetest spots. We can’t put our finger on exactly what it is that makes this record so special but whatever it is there is a lot of it. Destined to be a modern classic.”