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HellgardeN | Making Noise, Living Fast

The brutal Brazilians' debut disc splits the diff between Metallica & Pantera.

THE PRESS RELEASE:HellgardeN deliver a rancid concoction of thrash and high-octane metal madness injected with twisted solos and an overdose of vocal insanity. With the lineup of Caick Gabriel (guitars), Matheus Barreiros (drums), Guilherme Biondo (bass guitars), and Diego Pascuci (Vocals) Making Noise, Living Fast pushes the limits of taste and brutality, with a telluric wave of riffs, topped by stormy rhythmic assaults that, with the inclusion of some more ‘melodic’ cues, will settle violently on your head making your ears bleed.”

MY TWO CENTS: Evolution Or Destruction. Believe In Yourself Or Die. Fuck The Consequences. Spit on Hypocrisy. With song titles like that, a band had better deliver the goods. And you had better believe these brutal Brazilians do not disappoint on their devastatingly destructive debut. Their riffs are craggy and gargantuan. Their beats crush and obliterate. Their nihilistic vocalist sounds like he’s been swigging kerosene while plotting your gruesome demise and eventually dismemberment. And their fiendishly violent songs unreservedly and unabashedly split the diff between the trashing aggression of early Metallica and the hard-grooving malevolence of Pantera. Ignore them at your peril.