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Whatever they're saying, these French mavericks seem to take it pretty seriously.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “French mavericks Fange have showed many faces through their seven-year span of existence, maintaining a strong, consistent output — three albums, two EPs — despite going through several line-up changes. Boiled down to the creative core made up of Benjamin Moreau (guitars, machines), Antoine Perron (bass) and Matthias Jungbluth (vocals), their third full-length Pudeur marks another evolution in the band’s singular journey. On Pudeur, the band delves deeper into their obsession for beefy death metal riffs and noisy industrial soundscapes, conjuring aural body horror through crushing drum machine beats and bile-gargling vocals. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Converge, Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan), every listen of Pudeur reveals more details in the band’s layered sound, showing a great care for subtleties beneath their surrealistic avalanche of noise.”

MY TWO CENTS: They describe their sound as “ignorant music for the educated man.” Well, I am reasonably educated — but still too ignorant to speak enough French to understand what they’re saying. I can tell you that based on the mega-ton riffage and threatening aggression present in every second of this disc, they’re deadly serious about whatever it is they discussing. The way these songs sing their teeth in, that band name makes perfect sense.