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Neena Rose | Secret (feat. NorthSideBenji): Exclusive Video Premiere

The R&B powerhouse and the hip-hop luminary join forces on a low-rolling number.

Neena Rose has a Secret to share with NorthSideBenji in her latest single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The next single off her forthcoming EP, 333, Secret (feat. NorthSideBenji) finds the Canadian R&B powerhouse joining forces with the hip-hop luminary on a low-rolling track that allows them both to play to their strengths.

For Rose, the video shoot also allowed the Hamilton teen to play around on her home turf. “We filmed in a small town where all of my friends live,” se recalls. “While filming at the diner, I saw so many people I go to school with. Considering I had to run by them with a bag full of money for one of the scenes, they were definitely confused!

“It never registered in my head I would be driving the car,” she continues, referencing the vintage whip featured front and centre in the majority of frames. “I had never driven a vintage car like that before. It was hilarious to watch me try and turn with that huge wheel, but by the end of the day, I was making three-point turns like nobody’s business!”

That game-day fortitude — which included overcoming a fear of bugs and a dislike of hiking to shoot the waterfall scenes (“I’m not much of an outdoorsy person… I had to crawl back up the hill using my acrylic nails as grappling hooks!!”) — is a testament to the professionalism and promise Rose effortlessly embodies.

See for yourself by watching Secret above — then hear more of her music below and connect with Neena Rose via her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.