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Marcus Haran | HBSL (Hot Boy from Sri Lanka): Exclusive Video Premiere

The Toronto vocalist shows his fun side in the followup to last year's True Story EP.

Marcus Haran changes up his sound with his new single HBSL (Hot Boy from Sri Lanka) — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“This is a departure from my last album,” Haran confirms. “It’s a more fun, witty and clever side of me. Despite being stereotyped all over the world, HBSL (Hot Boy from Sri Lanka) is a representation of the beauty and glamour of Sri Lanka!”

Like HSBL, Haran’s forthcoming EP will be a change of pace for the artist. “I’ve let go of all my worries and neglects and moved onto more of a dark, comical side that shows more of the sins, my thoughts and my upbringing,” Haran shares.

Those worries were voiced on last year’s debut EP A True Story: A Soundscape to In-Difference, a 10-track concept album that delivered a real, raw, truth-telling tome touching on his history being a Sri Lankan refugee, painful childhood memories of being used as a drug mule and experiences with depression and abuse.

“This album, I’m thinking of naming it Scar Lanka,” he continues. “It’s more of a split personality and showing my flaws and having fun with it. Talking more about things I can relate to, that being the upbringing of my young adult years, being around drug dealers, studios, snakes, ballers, women … And understanding loyalty.”

Born in Paris, France and raised in Toronto, Haran’s interest in performing began at the age of six when his mother bought him a drum set. It lit the spark that led to him discover his passion for beatboxing, production and rapping.

Marcus has a rare and loud skin condition called Vitiligo, a disease that has gripped the likes of pop icon Michael Jackson, supermodel Winnie Harlow, and Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachan, to name a few. Representing every person who has ever experienced pain, every person who has ever felt like an outsider and everyone who has the courage to rise above, his journey is to hip hop fame is made from true grit and perseverance to overcome.

Check out HBSL (Hot Boy from Sri Lanka) above, and connect with Marcus Haran via his website, Instagram and Twitter.