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Peter Mol | Jesus Murphy: Exclusive Video Premiere

The multi-talented multi-tasker goes it alone in his life-affirming new track.

Peter Mol dances in the face of our inevitable collective doom in his life-affirming indie-pop single and video Jesus Murphy — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“This is a pretty light-handed track that’s a bit story-telly but I think the main narrative is really about people who inject calm and wholeness into your life amidst everything else that’s going on around you,” says the Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer of the distinctive cut.

“You’d be hard pressed to find someone who HASN’T had moments or years of anxiety in their lives,” he says. “I think deep connection — whether it’s a relationship or friendship — is one of the strongest tools we have to combat the negative vibes from creeping in too much.”

Mol knows a few things about friendship and collaboration. The multi-talented, multi-tasking artist has worked with some of the world’s biggest hit-makers, including Arcade Fire, The Roots, Bruno Mars, Father John Misty, Quincy Jones and more. The earlier years of his career were spent as a session musician and touring musician. Since signing a publishing deal in 2014, he’s switched gears to a more studio-centred focus with production and writing for both artists and the film and TV industry. His work can be found in major Hollywood pictures, documentaries, network TV shows, and ad campaigns.

He also makes up half of the successful Canadian indie duo Zerbin, who have landed multiple top 40 charting alt-rock singles, including New Earth and their most current, World’s on Fire. The group has several international tours under their belt, not to mention many large festival slots. The band is currently in studio recording a new project slated for release next year.

Mol is also preparing his first solo record. Self-produced and recorded in several studios alongside many creative partners, Mol’s album is described as a foray into self-examination where both triumph and tragedy are rounded by playful and effervescent lyrics and melodies, crafted with his unique approach to instrumentation that feels both unorthodox and yet strangely familiar.

Mol splits his time between New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and his studio in Edmonton where he currently lives.

Watch Jesus Murphy above and connect with Peter Mol via his website and Instagram.