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Zoelly | Blowing Smoke: Exclusive Video Premiere!

This talented up-and-comer showcases her skills on a song about young love.

Rising star Zoelly offers a real-life look at young love in her new single Blowing Smoke — and we’re premiering the video exclusively on Tinnitist!

In the elegantly romantic clip, the 15-year-old Toronto singer delivers her powerful, heartfelt vocals with a skill and talent reminiscent of her hero Christina Aguilera, while a pair of dancers put her words into graceful motion on a fittingly smoky set.

A native of Thornhill, Ont., Zoelly has grown up in a family of musical talents — her mom also sings, while her dad and brother play the guitar. “This is what made me realize that I had a strong passion and a love for music,” she says. “I remember singing for the first time at a family wedding, and right then and there I realized that I was born to perform. Ever since, I have continued to work towards my desire of being an aspiring recording artist and being able to perform as this is my passion. I spend all of my free time making music for my YouTube channel and social media pages. I am also advancing my piano skills and continuing to train vocally weekly while writing music.”

Check out Blowing Smoke above and stay tuned for more from this talented up-and-comer.

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