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Indie Roundup | Eight New Entries to Embrace Today

Fresh tracks from Accept, Favours, Korpiklaani, White Lies, Glands & more.

Accept string it out, Favours see the sights, Korpiklaani get wordy, White Lies write code, Folly & The Hunter see the doc and more in today’s Roundup. Make it happen, cap’n:

1 | Classic rockers Accept combine both halves of their genre on their upcoming DVD Symphonic Terror – Live at Wacken 2017, which finds them rocking the renowned European festival with the aid of an orchestra. Get a preview with this video for the blazing instrumental Symphony No 40. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “This was a mash-up of intensity and precision,” Wolf Hoffmann says about the fusion of heavy metal and classical music. “The fans are extremely open-minded, but I was nervous ’till the last minute before the show anyway. After all it’s still a metal festival!” Accept no substitute above:

2 | Toronto indie-popsters Favours hit the road in the new video for their song Stowaway — and nobody is stopping you from hitching a ride. Just don’t forget to bring along your own giant sheet of transparent coloured plastic to pose with in the woods. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE:Stowaway evokes a dreamy landscape painted with reverb and layered with vintage synth lines reminiscent of your favourite ’80s driving song. The song is about a love affair and the lyrics urge the listener to move past tired narratives and into a blissful escape. Stowaway was written during a road trip from the gloomy cold Canadian climate while driving south to the enchanted Muscle Shoals.” Put your feet up on the dash:

3 | Want to practise your Finnish and listen to some accordion-laced gypsy folk-metal at the same time? The video for Korpiklaani‘s new track Kuin korpi nukkuvaLike a Sleeping Forest — has you covered. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “A wanderer dreams of an easy journey on an even road, with the girl of his dreams beside him. Returning home, he feels that he does not belong anywhere. The wanderer does not want to wake, as life is rife with fears and worries. At the end the dream the girl picks a dead flower, he wakes up, he realizes that he must live for today and not for tomorrow.” Get lost in translation:

4 | To preview their forthcoming album Five, London post-punk trio White Lies play by their own code — and end up with something that resembles karaoke for androids — in the lyric video for their new track Believe It. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s about types of therapy, seen from a shifting perspective of those passionate towards it, those skeptical of it, and those out to make money from it. We wrote it mid-way through the sessions and it became an instant favourite of ours, it’s a four-minute “no nonsense” singalong with lots of ingredients we’ve used before so we hope our fans will love it.” Believe it or not.

5 | Now that they’re on indefinite hiatus, all that remains of Montreal duo Folly & The Hunter is their new album — fitting titled Remains. For those who need more, the pair have also released this behind-the-scenes mini-documentary The Making of Remains. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “Having previously recorded as a quartet, the pair had made their sketches of the songs at their Montreal rehearsal space and fleshed them out fully in Bath. Both Laurie and Nick used the loose and relaxed environment to get back to the enjoyment they had when they first started collaborating.” Documentary now:

6+7 | From the Better Late Than Never Dept: The publicity train for upcoming reissues by long-lost Athens, Ga. indie legends The Glands continues to gain steam with another pair of advance releases: The soothingly bittersweet Every Time I Listen to a Stranger and the jaunty, bouncing Atmosphere. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s been 18 years since we’ve released anything, but in rock ’n’ roll, mystery always seems to help a little bit. There’s always been a little mystery with the Glands.” This Glands is your Glands:

8 | Vancouver’s Old Man Canyon talk to themselves on their latest psychedelic indie-pop single Run Away, another glimpse at their Nov. 16 release A Grand Facade. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “This song is written as a conversation between someone and their future self, a version of themselves that’s attained all they wish to be and know. It’s the inner dialogue that follows a revelation, and that compulsion to run and abandon everything to avoid real resolution.” Race you: