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54•40 | How’s Your Day Going? Exclusive Video Premiere!

The Can-rock vets ask the musical question for the ages.

54•40 have just one question for you. One question that will define a generation. And they’re asking it today exclusively on Tinnitist!

The veteran Canadian rockers are gracing our site with the premiere of the video for their latest single, which attempts to solve the query that has puzzled mankind for millennia: How’s Your Day Going?

The whimsical clip follows frontman Neil Osborne as he tries to navigate the alienating annoyances of contemporary life, from taciturn cabbies and oddball panhandlers to coffee-shop lines and even a lost wallet. Thankfully, he’s not alone: Legendary sportscaster Ron MacLean, Dragon’s Den co-star and entrepreneur Michael Wekerle, singer-songwriter Kandle (who just happens to be Osborne’s daughter) and powerhouse vocalist Chelsea Johnson all help make his day — and yours.

How’s Your Day Going? is the new single from the band’s latest studio album Keep On Walking, their most eclectic, propulsive, flat-out excellent disc in a career spilling over with them.

Featuring 11 original songs helmed by a quartet of superstar producers, Keep On Walking is a vivid snapshot of precisely where singer/guitarist Osborne, bassist Brad Merritt, drummer Matt Johnson, and guitarist Dave Genn — songwriters and multi-instrumentalists all — are right now: Totally dialled in and seriously on fire.

The album is the flagship release for kaleidoscopic entrepreneur Wekerle’s ground-breaking new El Mocambo Entertainment imprint. The label is part of a broader business venture that includes reopening Toronto’s celebrated El Mocambo nightclub as well as launching production studios.

Watch How’s Your Day Going? above and listen to the rest of Keep On Walking below: