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George Thorogood | Bad To The Bone 1982 Tour Poster

Even back in 1982, the Delaware Destroyer had his winning formula down pat.

You have to give George Thorogood points for consistency. I’ve probably seen him half a dozen times over the years, and every time he’s delivered the goods. Granted, he’s delivered them almost exactly the same every single time. But so what? The Delaware Destroyer is far from the only musician to find a winning formula and stick with it. And his formula — which has served him well for 40-plus years — is tried and true. And simple: 1) Play the blues fast and loud; 2) Be endlessly entertaining while you do it. In Thorogood’s case, that has always translated to a high-voltage, high-energy performance that leaves him drenched and includes every guitar-solo gimmick in the book: Playing behind his head, doing the duck walk, you name it. He did it the last time I saw him a few years ago, when he was in his 60s. And he did it the first time I saw him and his snakeskin jacket way back in 1982 on his Bad To The Bone Tour of Western Canada, when I grabbed this poster as a souvenir. If you’d like it for a souvenir of your own, email me. I’m sure we can work out something. And if you’d like to read more about Lonesome George, check out my 2010 interview with him here.