Saint Social Go On Holiday Forever

The Gulf Coast indie-rockers chase their bliss past anguish on their latest single.

Saint Social head out on Holiday Forever in their new windows-down summer anthem — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The indie rock band’s latest single — and the closer to their upcoming full-album — addresses the idea of embracing one’s entire self and finding bliss despite past anguish. With vivid, imaginative lyrics alongside the band’s distinct blend of pop, rock, and synth elements, the song showcases the bright side of their catalog and strives to instil listeners with the same jittery excitement as going on an actual holiday.

Holiday Forever marks the culmination of the narrative arc on our upcoming full-length album,” explains lead singer Quinn Erwin, who wrote and co-produced the track.

The single also plays as an anthesis to the power-centric opening track Swagger, released earlier this year, and represents the band’s beachier and sweeter side. The songs showcase two sides of the Saint Social coin, and both feature the lyrical motif of the tiger. “Holiday Forever speaks to the healing and ultimate joy of being embraced for everything a person embodies. It also conveys the thought that heartache can add up to something good in the end,” says Erwin.

The unabashedly, earnest celebratory track was mixed and co-produced by Hunter West (Little Image, New Respects, Mountains Like Wax) and mastered by Joe Causey (Underoath, Switchfoot, Dandy Warhols) at Voyager Mastering.

Hailing from the Gulf Coast, Saint Social features lifelong friends Erwin, Bryan Bourque and Justin Gollott. The group’s contrastive sound comes from their individual life experiences and struggles. The trio credit their lifelong friendship and devotion as the catalyst behind their band’s success despite being spread across three Southern cities in Mississippi, Florida and Alabama.

While Bourque and Gollott balanced professional careers and local band gigs, Erwin had previously found success with his band Afterlife Parade in licensing placements for film and TV shows, as well as in commercial spots. The band draw on influences from bands like The Killers, Kings of Leon, The Strokes, U2 and Coldplay while adding their twists of talent.

Check out Holiday Forever above, hear more from Saint Social below, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.