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Classic Album Review: The Hiss | Panic Movement

The scruffy Georgians showcase their unique brand of bluesy indie-rock alchemy.

This came out in 2004 – or at least that’s when I got it. Here’s what I said about it back then (with some minor editing):


When bands as drastically different as Oasis and The White Stripes want you as their opening act, you know you’re out of the ordinary. And doing something right.

That’s the enviable spot in which Atlanta riff-rockers The Hiss find themselves — and you’ll instantly understand the breadth of their appeal after one spin of their raggedly glorious debut Panic Movement. With brilliant inspiration and stylish skill, these scruffy Georgians have stumbled upon their own unique brand of musical alchemy. They start with the scrappy blues-rock and choogling glam-metal of The Stooges and The Rolling Stones. Then they add the churning buzzsaw guitars and soaring Britrock vocals of Stone Roses and The Verve. When they dish it out— on the choppy shuffle of Clever Kicks, the charging crunch of Back On The Radio or even the swaggering blues-metal waltz of Ghost’s Gold — it’s easy to see why Liam and Jack are fans. And why you probably will be next in line.