Undercover Cockney Wonder: Am I Good Enough?

The new London reggae trio strive to better themselves on their debut release.

Undercover Cockney erase all doubts their undeniable debut single and self-improvement ode Am I Good Enough — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Paying homage to the roots of reggae while embracing the evolution of London’s musical landscape, the first release from this U.K. trio features vocals from Coco Malone and a cameo from Horseman. Am I Good Enough addresses our daily doubts and how we question ourselves about whether we’re making a difference. But it’s not about dwelling on those doubts. It’s about using them to fuel our fire and strive to be better versions of ourselves.

Undercover Cockney are Nick Philpin, Paul Emile and Christine Tomlinson (aka Coco Malone). They have eclectic backgrounds as singer-songwriter, touring musician, producer, DJ, and general musical malarkey. Drawing inspiration from London’s melting pot of sounds, they set out to create a musical experience that seamlessly merges traditional reggae, rocksteady and dub with classic and contemporary influences.

The result is a fusion of genres that transcends boundaries. Undercover Cockney seamlessly incorporate electronic and rock ’n’ roll elements into their reggae and dub foundation, creating a sound that will resonate with both traditionalists and those seeking something fresh and groundbreaking.

Malone writes and sings beautiful melodies with lyrics that weave tales of urban life, resilience, and the collective human experience. Nick and Paul embrace different perspectives and musical influences resulting in a sonic palette that is as divergent as the sights and sounds of London. Together, they have sculpted a sonic landscape that is rootsy, accessible and part of an incoming cultural resurgence for London.

Watch the video for Am I Good Enough above, check out the track below and uncover Undercover Cockney on their website and Instagram.