Agrio & Scott McCloud Party With DJ’s In Heaven While The World Burns

The Spanish duo & the American indie-rocker embrace infinity — and beyond.

Agrio say hello to DJ’s In Heaven with the help of Scott McCloud on their murky, messy and mesmerizing new single and animated video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Appearing on Agrio’s latest EP Repeat To Infinity — and the border-crossing collaborative release El Amigo American (An Unintentional Trilogy) — DJ’s In Heaven finds the Spanish duo joining forces with Yankee singer-guitarist McCloud (Girls Against Boys, Paramount StylesSoulside) for a rough-and-tumble nugget of idiosyncratic indie-rock psychedelia. Driven by thumpy skittering drums, laced with guitars that build from a dreamy jangle to a slashing attack, and topped with dusty, compressed vocals that lure you down a dark sonic rabbit hole, the freewheeling track spins and whirls and unfurls gradually, haphazardly spinning along its own anxious, propulsive stream of consciousness.

DJ’s In Heaven is a song about the ideas of eternity, infinity and beyond,” McCloud says. “Hard ideas to grasp. It is a fun lyrical theme to play with, and imagine DJ parties in various versions of ‘paradise’ with a juxtaposition of what we are doing to our own planet: ‘Don’t look down, the world’s on fire ’.”

Agrio are David Flores and Jorge Fuertes, a guitar-and-drums duo from Madrid. Following a “what if…” methodology and philosophy, they write instrumental songs that they send to a revolving cast of their talented and generous, friends so they can add their magic. El Amigo Americano compiles a trilogy of EPs featuring a different vocalist on each release, newly mastered by John McBain (Monster Magnet, Wellwater Conspiracy).

The La Murga EP with Mark Lanegan kicked off the project in February 2020. Agrio followed it that autumn with The Thin Man EP featuring Pete Simonelli (Enablers). Both were released on vinyl via the San Francisco label Broken Clover Records. The last chapter in the trilogy is Repeat To Infinity EP, with McCloud contributing vocals and guitar.

Watch the animated video for DJ’s In Heaven above, check out the El Amigo American tracklist below, and follow Agrio on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.