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North Ship Make Waves With New Album It Looked Like Rain

The Danish duo take you on a sonic voyage with their shape-shifting debut album.

North Ship boldly sail into uncharted waters with their adventurous and wide-ranging debut disc It Looked Like Rain — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

On this genre-crossing eight-song set, the Copenhagen duo of vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter Tom Golzen (a former member of The Quireboys) and drummer Francis Nørgaard Jensen explore new sonic horizons, creating compelling soundscapes by combining programmed sounds, live guitars and percussion. Golzen and Jensen dive deep into all sorts of genres for inspiration but their approach to songwriting is straightforward: Make it sound simple, keep it rootsy, try to experiment.

Following in the footsteps of critically praised singles and album tracks like the dubby Green Light, the bluesy Scent and the psychedelic How Like You This?, It Looked Like Rain exemplifies the band’s progression and talent. The album kicks off with the title track, which sets the tone for an engrossing listen. Each song displays North Ship’s devotion to experimentation while remaining faithful to their beginnings, taking listeners on a voyage through alternative rock, synthwave, indie psychedelia and post-punk landscapes.


The album was produced and mixed by the esteemed Thomas Li (Martin Hall, Palle Mikkelborg) and mastered by ex-Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey. The legendary studio veteran got involved after meeting up with Golzen at the funeral of his ex-Quireboys bandmate and childhood friend Guy Bailey. Kimsey, who had produced and mastered several of Bailey’s post-Quireboys projects, showed an interest in North Ship and agreed to master the new material.

Following their recent premiere in the Copenhagen area, North Ship are ready to take the international music landscape by storm with the release of It Looked Like Rain. With three tracks that have already received international recognition and internet airplay, including nearly 300,000 streams of Green Light, North Ship are poised to hit the ground running.

Listen to It Looked Like Rain below, watch some of North Ship’s performances and videos above, and get on board at their Instagram and Facebook.