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Next Week in Music | July 1-7 • The Long List: 300+ Releases On The Way

The music gods are finally cutting us some slack — relatively speaking, of course.

Finally! After multiple weeks with upwards of 400 releases, the music gods are finally taking a break for the summer — or at least for the week. Of course, break is a relative term — there are still more than 300 albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes on the way. But I’m not complaining. Not much, anyway:



Aandrq | Inescapable
Fred Abong | Blindness
DJ ADHD & Papa Nugs | Papadhd EP
Ado | RuLe
Adorável Clichê | Um Sorriso Que Se Vai
Aeons | The Ghosts Of What We Knew
Aespa | Hot Mess
Akhlys | House Of The Black Geminus
AlbertNbn | OTEB
All(h)ours | Witness
Alucinações Sõnicas | S​.​F​.​F.
Alva Noto | HYbr:ID III
American Poets 2099 | H​.​O​.​P. (History Of Poetry)
American Poets 2099 Vs School of the Gifted | Mega Powers (Rematch)
Analka | SexArtyzm
Annie-Dog | Annie-Dog
Artach | Sgrios
Art Brut | A Record Collection, Reduced To A Mixtape
Artemis Quartet | The Complete Recordings 1996-2018
Arx Atrata | A Reckoning
Alise Ashby | Stardust
Aspaarn | When Iron Meant Survival
Babymonster | Forever
Bacchae | Next Time
Bad Wires | Kaleidoscope Eyes
Basic Rhythm | Memories Of The Future
Berliner Philharmoniker | Eugen Jochum / Solomon – Johannes Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1
Betamax Vs. Bell & Wong | I Am Curious (Indigo)
Black Diamond | Furniture Of the Mind Rearranging
Black Hole Deity | Profane Geometry
Perry Blake | Death Of A Society Girl
Blanka | Birds
Blasphemous Basement | Silzaaki
Blind Girls | An Exit Exists
Blush Response | Sprawl_
Broken Telepathy | Broken Telepathy
Zach Bryan | The Great American Bar Scene
Build An Ark | Revision: An Anthology
Bernard Butler | Good Grief Vinyl
Camila Cabello | Hot Uptown
Luca Calmera | Emotiestukken
Camylio | In The Light And Shadows
Eddie Cantor | All the Hits and More 1917-1947
Caput Medusae | You Can’t Negotiate With Zombies
Manuel Carbajo | El Regreso
Sarah Carroll | NQR&B
Ken Carson | More Chaos
Cathedral Scene | Lucrative Spaces
Eddie Cantor | All the Hits and More 1917-1947
Wild Billy Childish | From Fossilised Cretaceous Seams: A Short History Of His Song And Dance Groups
Childish Gambino | Lithonia
Liliane Chlela | Anatomy Of A Jerk
Circling Vultvre | Spiritval Poisoning
CK Sizzy | Scars N Skeezers
Jimmy Cliff | Special / The Power and the Glory / Cliff Hanger Reissue
Clxdyz | Trapst4rtrendst4r
Hend Collin | Cruel Phases EP
The Courettes feat. La La Brookes | California b/w Run Run Runaway
Cryptovenics | Cryptovenics
CSR | L’heure Bleue
Billy Currington | #1s Vol. 1
Liz Damon’s Orient Express | 1900 Yesterday: The Best of Liz Damon’s Orient Express
Dandroid | Escapism
Yousef Dave | Vault Mix, Vol. 3: Rhythm Unbound
De APA Valley | This Might Hurt
Justin DeHart | Towards Midnight
Nick DePinna | Nexus Music, Vol. 2
Quinn DeVeaux | Leisure
DiNola | Spies In The Night
Diskord / ATVM | Bipolarities
D-low | I Am The Instrument
Carlos Do Complexo | NTGMX
The Donnas | Spend The Night Reissue
Dr. Classified | All 4 Show
The Dreaded Laramie | Princess Feedback
Duel | Breakfast With Death
Elkhorn | Other Worlds
Emergency Group | Mind Screen
Eminem | Tobey
Enter Shikari | Dancing On The Frontline
Sertab Erener | Bi Polar
The Ergs! | Dorkrockcorkrod 20th Anniversary Edition
Ethereal Realms | All Fiction Is Metaphor
Melissa Etheridge | I’m Not Broken (Live From Topeka Correctional Facility)
Mike Evin | Along The Way Single
Fallujah | The Flesh Prevails 10th Anniversary Edition
Fink | Beauty in Your Wake
Fire-Toolz | Breeze
FloFilz | Handful
Focus | Focus 12
Fontaines DC, Massive Attack & Young Fathers | Ceasefire
Steve Forbert | Little Stevie Orbit & Steve Forbert Reissue
42 Dugg | 4Eva Us, Neva Them
Future Star | It​’​s About Time!
Gallegos | Memories You’ve Memorised
Enzo Garcia | Two Voices In One Transmission
Judy Garland | A Celebration: Classic & Collectable Performances
Jack Garratt | At PizzaExpress Live In London
Gawvi | Atmostfear
Rose Gerber | Untraveled Highway
Ghost Fan Club | Ghost Fan Club EP
Vince Guaraldi | It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown Soundtrack
Harpazo | The Crucible
Louis Hayes | Artform Revisited
Haze | The Water’s Edge
Francesca Heart | Bird Bath
Her Head’s On Fire | Strange Desires
HNNY | Light Shines Through
Lightnin’ Hopkins | The Singles Collection Vol. 1 1946-53
Lightnin’ Hopkins | The Singles Collection Vol. 2 1951-62
Horned Almighty | Contagion Zero
Human Interest | Smile When You’re Losing
Hyperdontia | Harvest Of Malevolence
Hypnodrone Ensemble | The Problem Is In The Sender – Do Not Tamper With The Receiver
Clikatat Ikatowi | Clikatat Ikatowi
iNTeLL | Rap is Art
Issbrokie | Evil!
Dyes Iwasaki | D.I. Swing
Jak3 | Lost Track Of tT
Camille Jansen | The Loose Screws
Jaywalk | Where Is My Father?????
J373 | @gnarlyraejepsn
Kaap | Sereen
Eves Karydas | Burnt Tapes
Kasabian | Happenings
Alex Kautz | Where We Begin
Kesha | Get In Loser
Kiasmos | II
Kick The Giant | Presence
Kid Acne | Haunted Codes Remix EP
King Harvest | Dancing in the Moonlight: Best Of
Kilo Kish | Homeschool Anniversary Edition
Kissin’ Dynamite | Back With A Bang
Kiss Of Life | Sticky
K/Night64 | TBA
Kokoko! | Butu
Joey Konopka | Dying 4 More
Diana Krall | When I Look In Your Eyes Reissue
Krallice | Inorganic Rites
Konstantin Krimmel & Ammiel Bushakevitz | Mythos: Schubert & Loewe
Kwame | AnXXXiety Attackkk!
L_cio, Tessuto & Robert Owens | Rising EP
Lahgar | Different Timing… but Picture Me This Way!
Laíz & The New Love Experience | EP 1
Lamenting Satanas | Scorn
John Lee | Second Wind
Letallis | A Thousand And One Nights: Chapter 1
Lil Peep | Lil Angel
Liminal Shroud | Visions Of Collapse
Little Element | High Tide Single
Long Earth | An Ordinary Life
The Lost Episode | Prior Arrangements II
Maibaum | Sumer Is Icumen In
Malconfort | Humanism
Neville Marriner | Sir Neville Marriner: The Complete Warner Classics Recordings
Amanda Martinez | Recuerdo
Ian Matthews | If You Saw Thro’ My Eyes / Tigers Will Survive
Mazare | The Losers Club
Charlie McCoy | The World of Charlie McCoy / The Nashville Hit Man / Charlie My Boy! / Harpin’ the Blues
Charif Megarbane | Habibi Funk Limited 002: Hamra / Red
Merzbow & Nicolas Horvath | Pia-Noise
Million Moons | I May Be Some Time
Jeff Mills | The Eyewitness
Mines | Warm & Safe
Modern Silent Cinema | Anemic Music
Vinnie Moore | Double Exposure
Mordecai | Seeds From The Furthest Vine
Motivik | Renouncement
Muck And The Mires | Zoom Breakup
Musiquita | Familiar
Nayt | Habitat: Tour
Nic.k | No Diving
Nighttime | Lone Star
Molly Nilsson | Un​-​American Activities
Antonina Nowacka | Sylphine Soporifera
Nyktophobia | To The Stars
Ocean Colour Scene | It’s a Beautiful Thing: The Best of Ocean Colour Scene
Octoploid | Beyond The Aeons
ODF | Rock With Me EP
Orden Ogan | The Order of Fear
Old Horn Tooth | Mourning Light
Seamus O’Muineachain | Liminality
Opal In Sky | Dream Shift
Óra | Unlocked
Oreglo | Not Real People
Palmar De Troya | Cold Snakes EP
Antonio Pappano + Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia | Complete Symphonic, Concertante & Sacred Music Recordings
Pascagoula | For Self Defence
Olga Pashchenko | Mozart Piano Concertos Nos. 20 & 23
PC Nackt | Der Einzige Und Sein Elegentum
Frank Pels | Purification
Ken Peplowski | Live At Mezzrow
Finn Peters | Red, Green and Blue
Piah Mater | Under The Shadow Of A Foreign Sun
Ponynoise | Cadance Is Dead! Hatred Shall Reign!
Porcupine | All Is Vapor
Pragoholik | Euroholik
Prince | Music From Graffiti Bridge Reissue
Quavo | Tough
Qwalia | Abbreviations
Raw Poetic | Wayward Skies
Regicide | Resist Control
ReMark | Nameless Folder Of Insufficiency
REO Speedwagon | Live At Rockpalast 1979
Rhinestone Pickup Truck | Self Deprecation at Hourly Rates
Ricepr22ce | Wax
Rider/Horse | Matted
The Rifles | Love Your Neighbour
Jeannie C. Riley | Harper Valley P.T.A. Reissue
The Rogues | Molly Malone Single
Remi Rough | Honest
Afla Sackey & Afrik Bawantu | Destination
Martha St. Arthur | It’s Not You, It’s Everyone
Saluki | Beach Rock Hotel
Saphileaum | Mirage
Scuba Cop | Scuba Pop
The Shivvies | Punk Boys
The Shivvies | Take On The Night EP
Showroom Dummies | Showroom Dummies EP
Sick/Tired | Whip Hand Paranoia
Sihir | Ular Akan Patuk
Sijjeel | Affiliation Of Horrid Containment
Mark Sims | Take Me Faster
Skiddy | Skidrock Narcissist
Skinny Lister | Pub Shed Bootleg EP
Sleeping Giant Glossolalia | Dream Skills & GW Sok As We Speak
Snowd4y | Banned From Toronto
Soulja Boy | $sboy
Sparkle*Jets U.K. | I Can’t Wait For Summer Single
Sparks | No. 1 in Heaven 45th Anniversary Edition
Sprung Aus Den Wolken | 1981: West​-​Berlin
Stayc | Metamorphic
Steel Saddle | Steel Saddle
Steinras | Steinras
Stoort Neer | Essensen Av Smärta, Reflektion Och Återhämtning
Subdued | Abattoir
Sumac | The Keeper’s Tongue Single
Sunz of Man | Da Last Future
Superreservao | God Loves To Sin But Hates Sinners
Syndicate of Sound | Little Girl + 25
Sweeps | 天​気​Raindance
Telejet | Spiritual Age
Tendertwin | Ship Argo EP
Terminal Sun | All That Will Burn Is Already On Fire
That Same Street | Mikramz
Thirst | After Hours Mixtape
R.D. Thomas | A Crows Furore
Thought Beings | Motion Pictures
Thunder Horse | Dead Alive In Texas
Tiago PZK | Gotti A
Tokyo Riddim Band | Canoe Boy
Tomorrow x Together | Chikai
Tophat | Genre : Baldboy
Torpedoes | Heaven’s Light Our Guide
TV Torrance | The World Is Mine
Joey Trap | Slimeyasitget
Gregor Tresher & Sven Väth | Flashback Remixes
Truck Violence | Violence
2 Dolla Will & Lunar | Crocodile Island
Jasper Tygner | Things To Come EP
U.K. Subs & Dead Boys | Carnaby St. EP
The Vamps | Used To Be Cool
Gino Vannelli | Nightwalker Reissue
Various Artists | The Craig Charles Trunk Of Funk Vol. 3
Various Artists | Coffin Prick: Side Splits
Various Artists | DJ soFa: Elsewhere CC
Various Artists | DPLC Collection
Various Artists | Found Frequencies, Vol. 1
Various Artists | FUC​-​2: A Fuctory Sample
Various Artists | Now That’s What I Call a Summer Party
Various Artists | Soma Sample Pack: Essential Techno Part 1
Various Artists | Synchronized Layers II
Visions Of Atlantis | Pirates II: Armada
Vlozey | Safe Planet
Vulvodynia | Entabeni
Vvup | Ain’t Nobody
Morgan Wallen | Lies Lies Lies
Weather Report | The Columbia Albums 1971-1975
Wendy and DB | Back Home
White Willow | Sacrament Remastered
Who Are You? | Anesthes!a
Wild Powwers | Pop Hits & Total Bummers Vol. 5
Wild Wes | Let Go Of The Past
Wormed | Omegon
Xasthur | Disharmonic Variations
X Club | New World Expression
Xylitol | Anemones
Yabadabaland | Thumberland
Yelka | For
Yellow Swans | Out Of Practice I
Lee Chae Yeon | Showdown
Yomi Ship | Feast Eternal
The Yum Yums | Poppin’ Up Again
Yusuf / Cat Stevens | Mona Blue Jakon Reissue
Yusuf / Cat Stevens | Tea For The Tilerman Vinyl Reissue
Yusuf / Cat Stevens | Teaser And The Firecat Vinyl Reissue
7ebra | Normal Song / Daybreak
ZG | Out Of The Unknown
Emilie Zoé | Live at Montreux Jazz 2022
Zuli | Lambda