Sea Of Lettuce Have Just Gotta Know What Might Be

The Calgary indie-rockers make time to relax in their breezy, beachy latest single.

Sea Of Lettuce hit the beach in their tropical new single I Gotta Know — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

On their latest release, the Calgary indie rockers practically roll out your towel and hand you a piña colada. Such is the beachy-ness of their vibe, which conjures ocean breezes, warm sun, and total paradise:

“Spending seven days in heaven
Just about every week
This really got me thinking
Maybe you’re meant for me
I never thought that it could be like this ’til now.”

Full of easy beats and heavenly harmonies, I Gotta Know is part of a larger theme of relaxation in spite of struggles on Sea of Lettuce’s upcoming new album Any Day Now, which began to develop during a vacation band member Daniel L’Amarca took to Hawaii.

“While on this trip away from my day job, many of these thoughts and feelings about the future crossed my mind,” L’Amarca recalls. “The thought of returning home and diving deeper into a monotonous career while slowly fading away from my true passion of making music started to surface.”

Thus Any Day Now is infused with a beachy sound throughout, from the surf-inspired, pulsing opening track Future Endeavours to the tropical guitar line on I Gotta Know. “The pressure that comes in your 20s to start figuring out your long-term plans played a central role in the development of this project,” L’Amarca said. “Conflicting emotions about thinking of the future while trying to stay grounded in the present can be found throughout the album.”

The title Any Day Now was the final piece that brought these concepts together, representing the overall sense that it’s only a matter of time until the uncertainty in our future gets resolved — and, therefore, relaxation really is possible.

Coming from a cold basement in Calgary, Sea Of Lettuce are an alternative group with a fresh spin on the genre’s typical sound. Having formed in late 2016, this group of longtime friends have released three albums and two EPs. The band consists of L’Amarca (producer, bassist, keyboards), Wojtek Musial (vocals, rhythm guitar), Dylan Hameluck (lead guitar) and Caolán Ayres (drums).

Check out I Gotta Know above, hear more from Sea Of Lettuce below, and find them on their website and Instagram.