Eden James Reanimates Nightmare River Band With His Robots

The indie pop-rocker contributes an energized cut to the group's anniversary release.

Eden James and his Robots lend a hand to The Nightmare River Band’s new album Last Goodbye 11 — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Renowned indie rock-pop musician James, celebrated for his career-spanning 41 global music awards and chart-topping hits, proudly contributed his electrifying and self-produced track Robots to the album. The project commemorates the 11th anniversary of the original Last Goodbye album by The Nightmare River Band and features a diverse global ensemble of artists. Another notable collaborator is Dan Romer, the acclaimed soundtrack film composer known for his score work on Pixar’s animated hit Luca and the Oscar-nominated film The Promised Land.

Last Goodbye 11, spearheaded by Matt Krahula, aims to revitalize the original album’s themes of resilience and hope through fresh, diverse interpretations. James, with his impressive track record and critical acclaim, brings a unique edge to the album with Robots, a song that combines catchy bluesy, rock hooks with robust indie-pop sensibilities.

Eden James.
Nightmare River Band.

James, who achieved a No. 1 hit in Greece, has also garnered significant acclaim with his recent 2022 album All The Good Blank Are Taken, which featured members from Bruce Springsteen’s and Paul Simon’s bands and was produced by Tim Leitner.

“I feel deeply honored to be part of Last Goodbye 11 and to put my spin on one of the beloved tracks from the original album,” says James. “Collaborating with Matt Krahula and reconnecting with many of my New York music contemporaries, who also played on this project, has been a phenomenal experience. It’s thrilling to see how each artist has reconstructed these tracks.”

Released just shy of the original album’s 12th anniversary, Last Goodbye 11 promises to captivate fans of alt-country, indie rock, and pop with its rich tapestry of sounds and emotions, reflecting both the intensity and the exuberance of the original tracks.

Check out Robots above, listen to The Nightmare River Band’s Last Goodbye 11 below, and join Eden James on his website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.