Crones | Arsenic: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Prince George rockers ponder the past amid some hazy desert-rock grooves.

Crones inject you with a massive hit of Arsenic in their blazing new blistering single and psychedelic double-vision video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The first transmission from the Prince George indie-rock brigade’s third album Human Error — due out Sept. 13 via Mystic Turnip RecordsArsenic finds Crones honing their alternative chops to a menacingly sharpened point. Over top of hazy desert-rock grooves, this abrasive (yet undeniably hip-wiggling) riff machine is powered by lyrics that ponder the power that the past inflicts on the present. Is the future set in stone? Can it be changed? Does it matter?

As the opening track of Human Error, Arsenic sets the pace for the combustible, eclectic journey chronicled on the LP. The record was recorded by Connor Pritchard at Pulp City Music in the fall of 2023 and mixed/mastered by Cory Hanson (Wand, Ty Segall, Meatbodies) for maximum sonic impact. The footage for the video was captured during sessions at Pulp City Music by the band, and has been edited into a mind-bending kaleidoscope sure to satisfy those with a taste for the psychedelic.

Human Error transcends the ordinary, presenting a sonic tapestry woven with an array of influences and thematic depth. Each track presents a facet of the struggle for identity in a steadily declining society. The overarching themes of the album resonate with profound introspection and societal critique. The album delves into the inexorable influence of the past, existential musings, the relentless march of time, and the stark realities of environmental decay. With Human Error, Crones expand their sound and performance to unprecedented heights, infusing each track with intricate arrangements, genre-blending compositions, and an emotional depth that challenges and captivates.

The 10-song LP shows the band stretching their musical and emotional envelope, from the acid soul of Vegas Years to the serrated Motörhead-meets-B-52’s punk screed of Dirt, which may contain the finest scream ever recorded in the history of music. Topics across Human Error range from the road rage takedown of Guts, Glory, Gary to the apocalyptic soothsaying of pop-prog centrepiece Disemboweled Palomino and beyond, filled to bursting with the acerbic commentary that Crones have become known for.

The band — Britt Meierhofer (vocals), Calvin Hilde (guitar/keys), Chris Dibbens (bass/vocals), Landon Hilde (drums) and Nathan Kelly (guitar/vocals) — have taken both their playing and songcraft to new heights with their latest release. Human Error is the sound of the future, whether you like it or not.

Watch the video for Arsenic above, hear more from Crones below, and bow down to them on their website, Instagram and Facebook.