Adeoluwa Serenades You Under The Moonlight

The Saskatchewan Afrobeats artist looks to the heavens on his latest single.

Adeoluwa is waiting for you Under The Moonlight in his romantic and reassuring new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A part of the Nigerian-born, Saskatchewan-grown artist’s recently released EP For The Fourth, the hypnotic Under The Moonlight combines indie-pop melodies with the best of Afrobeats. The artist shares that the recording of the track was a fittingly intimate experience. Indeed, the song has the power of creating a psych-like soundscape, mixing captivating synth harmonies and traditional African rhythms in a clever way.

The unique fusion of the sound and lyrics creates a space for reflection. This was what Adelouwa experienced sitting under the moonlight and feeling the weight of his emotions whilst looking at the vast night sky. He adds: “The night sky has always been a source of inspiration for me. There’s something about the moonlight that makes emotions feel more intense and real.”

The essence of the song lies in its ability to make the listeners feel the rawness of love — the need, desire and vulnerability that come with it. This idea is manifested in the chorus, enriched by the addition of nature elements:

Photo by Olivia Renald.

“Under this moonlight, I need your warm sun,
I can’t keep floating in these wild oceans,
Sinking and falling, I’ll just keep praying
You reach for me, please reach for me.”

Slowly but steadily, the song builds an ethereal atmosphere that explodes when the minute two arrives. Energetic pop drums and a more up-tempo rhythm open up the bridge, along with harmonious chorus voices that complement Adeoluwa’s rich and deep tone. All of these elements create an epic feel, magnifying the celebration of love in its most vulnerable form: “It’s about letting someone see your true self and hoping they embrace it.”

The ascendant artist’s impressive highlights include headlining the SaskMusic Winter Showcase, where he earned five nominations from the SaskMusic Awards, including a nomination for the inaugural AfroBeats Artist Of The Year category. As one of 2024’s must-listen up-and-coming acts, he has been airplayed on numerous radio stations and featured on playlists.

Check out Under The Moonlight above, sample For The Fourth below, and count on Adeoluwa on his website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.


Photo by DWB Visuals.