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Cindë Feels More Awake Less Alive

The Toronto artist delves into the aftermath of a traumatic breakup and betrayal.

Cindë takes listeners on a journey through the processing of loss, grief and betrayal on her new EP More Awake Less Alive — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The five-song EP delves into the aftermath of a traumatic breakup and betrayal experienced by Cindë, during which she supported her partner through a cancer diagnosis and treatment, only to discover infidelity. Each track on the EP represents a stage of grief, from denial and escapism to anger and deep sadness, culminating in radical acceptance. The EP’s cyclical production mirrors the recurring patterns of abuse and anguish in the artist’s life, creating a continuous loop of emotional experience.

“I went through a pretty agonizing breakup that really changed my brain chemistry and traumatized the shit out of me, all while teaching me some of the most important lessons of my life,” Cindë explains. “I loved him, I wanted to marry this person, and when he was diagnosed with cancer, I dropped everything to move in with him and help. I went to chemo with him, was exposed to radiation, and suffered physical repercussions, but I didn’t care because I didn’t want to leave my partner alone. All this to find out he had been cheating on me the whole time.” More Awake Less Alive was produced by Mike Tompa (Silverstein), mixed by Grammy nominee Phil Hotz (Dua Lipa, Alvvays, Elton John), and mastered by Juno nominee Kristian Montano.

The EP’s lead single Victim! merges pop-punk, emo and industrial elements to explore themes of love, deception, and resilience. The second single, Villain Origin Story stands as the EP’s emotional core, weaving biblical references with a potent drop C guitar riff to express the intense rage experienced by Cindë. Medusa’s Son, the final single, released earlier this week, offers a glimpse into one of Cindë’s darkest moments with heartfelt vulnerability. The lyrics paint a vivid picture: ‘Medusa’s Son // seducing everyone // now I’m stoned thinking about you.’ This release skillfully combines universal feelings, unique instrumentals, gritty guitar, and gripping lyrics to narrate a tale of grief. Cindë describes Medusa’s Son as a creation born from loneliness and realization, conceived during a late-night studio session. The track embodies the deep sadness that ensues once anger, escapism and mania have all already been felt.

Cindë is a Toronto artist known for her raw, honest lyrics and eclectic musical choices. At just 12 years old, she picked up the bass and guitar to accompany her passion for writing and quickly fell in love with creating music. She has worked with Belly and The Weeknd, and co-founded the independent label Spooky Action Records alongside Michael Ticar of Selfish Things. She made an impression on the industry with her radio hit Hittin’ It and has been featured on many playlists.

Throughout More Awake Less Alive, Cindë showcases her deep commitment to music and her ability to draw on her past traumas to craft something unique and impactful that resonates deeply with her audience while displaying her resilience and fearlessness when it comes to sharing her life experiences.

Check out More Awake Less Alive below and follow Cindë on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.