Shola Wants To Give Ur Heart Another Beat

The Toronto singer-songwriter does a softer kind of dance in her new single.

Shola is out to Give Ur Heart Another Beat with her new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

With her second release of 2023, the Lagos-born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter takes her silky smooth vocals and brings them into the context of tropical house. The warm keys, rich bass and plucky guitar melodies play into the reverberant drums that build you up into the drop. This chorus processed the vocals into stuttered chords, maintaining the gorgeous harmony and blending in twinkling synth beeps. With themes of love and heartbreak, the track will give you a taste of the sun no matter the time of year.

“It’s about a softer kind of dance,” Shola adds. “And even in all of life’s chaos, there are still always beautiful things to hold on to.”

Shola draws her inspiration from musical legends such as Whitney Houston, Kygo, Black Coffee, Jon Bellion and Lighthouse Family. Her distinct style blends elements of deep house, amapiano, EDM pop and soul, resulting in a refreshing and timeless sound. Characterised by her relaxed vibes, Shola brings and uplifting-feel good atmosphere with deep lyrics and catchy melodies taking the listener through a journey of tropical escapism. The artist’s commitment to authenticity shines through her heartfelt messages, radiating a sense of positivity in music that celebrates life’s precious moments.

Check out Give Ur Heart Another Beat above and below, and follow Shola on Instagram.


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