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Albums Of The Week: Public Body | Big Mess

The Brighton post-punks make a good first impression with their tightly wound debut.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Public Body’s Big Mess takes a wry look at the sedentary, boring or frustrating aspects of modern life. Joylessly gorging on TV (Way, No Way), procrastinating (Break From Life), irresponsible spending (Age Of Junk) and saying the wrong thing (No Constraint) are all vividly, gleefully skewered. Repetition and agitation are prized in the music of Big Mess and its world, built from hypnotically repetitive bass-grooves, spidery guitar lines and violent synth stabs.

Detailing their debut full-length, frontman Seb Gilmore explained: “This album is a Big Mess. It’s me laughing behind my own back at all my failures, shortcomings and the shame that comes along with it. I’m not going to get upset about all that kind of stuff — I don’t know how! What I do know, is how to make fun of something — and that something is me”.

Hotly-tipped by tastemakers, the five-piece make light of lethargy, neuroticism and boredom with playfully acerbic and riotously fun post-punk. Formed in Brighton with a clear aim to write the perfect soundtrack to whatever you do whilst procrastinating at your day job, Public Body pick apart the mundanity of daily life and all its annoyances in irresistible fashion.”


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