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Albums Of The Week: King Howl | Homecoming

The old-school Italian blues-rockers raise the war with a narrative concept album.


THE TRANSLATED & EDITED PRESS RELEASE:King Howl from Cagliari, Sardinia, play heavy blues: The raw sounds of the blues are filtered by a multitude of different musical influences from stoner rock, ’70s classic rock, funk and punk, in a crossover worked with spontaneity and naturalness.

Homecoming represents a new chapter in the stylistic universe of the band, mixing their trademark sound with new compositional and sound influences. The concept album relates a road story set in America in the ’60s, a narrative plot that permeates the entire work. In this story, a young protagonist escapes from his rural community — outlined in the pening tracks The Rooster and the rock ‘n’ roll anthem From The Cradle. He begins his journey on The Train, which leads to the ’90s echoes of John Henry Days and the classic rock of Motorsound, inspired by the vibrations of a big truck engine.

The story of his return begins with the darkness of Slowly Coming Down, where doom and psychedelia bring a foreboding. Tempted is a successful mix of country blues and stoner rock, with the latter even more present in Jupiter, a track inspired by the James Anderson novel The Never-Open Desert Diner. Homecoming pays homage to the great Rolling Stones and their ’60s classic Gimme Shelter, while Home concludes the journey with an angry but hopeful return. An epic in music, the album takes you on a round trip of growth and change, of damnation, redemption and rebirth.

Photo by Elena Cabitza.

The album was recorded in Sardinia by Roberto Macis and Willy Cuccu and mixed by Nene Baratto and Richard Behrens at the Big Snuff Studio in Berlin. The production featured an organic analog sound, thanks to the use of vintage instrumentation and mastering on tape by Baratto at Berlin’s Morphine Raum Studio.

After a three-track EP in 2010, King Howl released their first full-length in 2012. King Howl Quartet established their personal sound, driven by singles like Morning and Drunk. In 2014, the four-track Truck Stop EP brought new nuances to the band’s trademark, developing a more mature songwriting, which flourishes in songs like Kerouac or Time To Say Goodbye. In July 2017, King Howl released Rougarou, 10 tracks that best showcase the band’s sound, defined through years on the road and represented by songs such as Gone, Screaming and Demons.

King Howl have toured several times throughout Italy and Central Europe, and appeared at festivals with names like Mud Morganfield, Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, Greenleaf, My Sleeping Karma and Bob Margolin.”


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