Pretty | Food For The Moon: Exclusive Premiere

The Toronto rockers shoot for the stars with their spaced-out new single.

Pretty know we’re all just Food For The Moon in their high-flying, psychedelic new single — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest preview of where this crew of inveterate sonic explorers are headed next, Food For The Moon finds the Toronto quintet taking one small step that extends into a giant leap, boldly going into a noisy, spaced-out soundscape of fashioned from thumping tom-toms, sinewy guitars, glimmering keyboards, black-hole basslines, layered world-weary vocals and lyrics that contemplate our earthbound existence and its connection to the heavens:

“What are we supposed to do?
The only way out is through
Crops growing for harvest season
Food for the moon

Photo by Leanna Gennuso.

I know your mind treats your rough
But here I am all used up
Anyways we’re both just food for the moon.”

“The title comes from this phrase I found in a book, something about the moon living off of our emotions, basically farming us in a sense for sustenance — very occult,” says singer-guitarist Torin Craig. “I can’t remember what book it came from and have been driving myself insane trying to find it again. The song itself was written in the days following a break up, working with the feeling of futility, loss, and emotional torture that comes with that sort of thing. It’s two people who are both dealing with their own things and it gets in the way of them being together — and hey, what does it matter anyways, we’re all just food for the moon in the end.”

Pretty are people who appear onstage with lots of noise and then leave. This half-silly, half-serious sentence summarizes the band’s ethoa and sound, from their early inspiration by Toronto’s 2010s-era DIY punk scene to their current fascination with psychedelic sound and culture, elements that fuse into a highly distinctive, dark and frenzied sonic landscape.

Photo by Leanna Gennuso.

The band — which also features guitarist Eliot Rossi, bassist Will Macquarrie, keyboardist Brian Heyes and drummer Morgan Zych — had a busy 2022, recording their second EP and followup to their debut album Sertraline Dream (2020); playing headline sets to increasingly large and enthusiastic crowds; and being featured acts at Canadian Music Week and Sarnia’s Empty Fest. If you dig getting warped and discovering another side of yourself, you won’t want to miss them.

Food For The Moon was recorded by Josh Korody at Candle Recording, with additional recording at Lynx Music and The Living Room. It was mixed by Asher Gould-Murtagh and mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering.

Listen to the song above, check out more from Pretty below, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Photo by Leanna Gennuso.