Thursday Mixtape | More Than 210 Songs To Get You Back Up To Speed (Side 2)

I have been taking it easy for the past few week or so. Now I’m back in the hamster wheel — and not a moment too soon, if this lineup of more than 210 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances is anything to go by. (I also tossed in a few of the more important / interesting releases from the past few days, just in case you missed ’em. You’re welcome.) Now, before Bandcamp Friday releases start pouring in, let’s do this thing: Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a ⭐️ . Light ’em up:



1⭐️ Patrick Krief | Eloise

2Brooke Combe | Are You With Me

3Becca Mancari | Over And Over

4The Jungle Giants | Rakata (ft. Renee)

5Mint Simon | You Get What You Give

6Rob Crow & Kramer | Kerosene

7Babepoom | รถไฟเหาะ (Rollercoaster)

8Bellythebear | ปาร์ตี้บะหมี่กึ่ง (Ramyeon Therapy)

9The Glass Girls | ปังปัง (Unit Grande)

10Les Dunes | The Build Up

11Onesie | What You Kill

12Jess Kallen | Exotherm

13The Out Seer | Lost Again

14⭐️ The Criticals | Clever Girl

15Breeze | She’s Got It

16Nero//Flesh Sayings In Slow Motion

17Eighty Eight Miles | Sexy Song

18Lois | Running

19Silvana Estrada | Milagro y Desastre

20Leo. | Green

21t.e.d. | Sweet Devil

22Little Fuss | What’s It Matter to You

23Apryll Aileen | Wicked Ways

24Hey Major | You’re So Cold (I’m On Fire)

25Rusty Santos | Mirror (ft. Panda Bear)

26La Faute | Let it Burn

27Van Halen | When It’s Love (Live in Oakland 1995)

28Spookey Ruben | It’s Not What You Do It’s You

29Akemi Fox | See You Soon

30Venbee | Messy In Heaven

31⭐️ Gretel Hanlyn | King Of Nothing

32⭐️ Tom A. Smith | Weirdo

33Michael Aldag | Girlfriends

34Katie Gregson-Macleod | Complex

35Terra Kin | Red Clay

36Rose Gray | Happiness

37Rob Grant | Lost At Sea (ft. Lana Del Rey)

38Raeya | Waking Up Alone

39Tines | Thin Blue Line

40Lust for Youth | Giorgia

41⭐️ Rio 18 & Young Gun Silver Fox | She’s In L.A.

42Strawberry Runners | Circle Circle

43MaddBayy | Don’t Go

44Wye Oak | I Learned it From You

45The Legendary Ten Seconds | Keep Us Free

46Jad | Say What U Want

47Juniper Honey | Looking at You

48John Tibbits | Light Of The Flame

49Victoria Staff | Campfire

50Ashley Elle | Heavy, Heavy

51⭐️ Frankie Flowers | I Just Want To Disappear

52The Gypsy Moths | Tilt​-​A​-​Whirl

53How Strange It Is | Head Holder

54Trust Fund | London

55Eric Din | Content

56Papagroove | Solange

57Billianne | A Little Older

58Valley | Have A Good Summer (Without Me)

59Brian May & Friends | Star Fleet

60Theo Tams | Losing My Religion

61⭐️ Mura Masa | Drugs

62The Hybris | The Game Of Cat And Mouse

63Jamws | Soft

64Guillaume Bordel | Enfanfleur

651X4X9 | How it Feels

66Colored Lights | I Used To Cook

67⭐️ Big Blood | In My Head