Tissa Rahim Warns You To Love Her Before Someone Else Does

The Vancouver singer-songwriter puts you on notice in this hard-hitting track.


Tissa Rahim gives you one last chance to earn her heart Before Someone Else Does in her searing new single and performance video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Bringing the Vancouver artist to the forefront of the soul / R&B scene, the rocking track is a departure from Rahim’s typical sound, but she maintains her powerhouse vocals and emotional performance while explaining to her theoretical partner that he’s had his final warning:

“Ain’t asking for too much need to measure up
Or this love won’t feel like love
Try a little harder baby
Before someone else does.”

Before Someone Else Does marks the first release in the collaboration between Rahim and Alvin Brendan, who began writing together during the pandemic. Like other musicians around the world, the two had trouble finding opportunities to perform together, so they turned to an alternate outlet for their creativity. Inspired by a shared love for soul rock music artists like Alabama Shakes and Lake Street Drive, the duo of Rahim and Brendan used those influences to conjure Before Someone Else Does.

The track is accompanied by a live video filmed at Vancouver’s Rain City Recorders by Sina Moazzenizadeh and his team. The video features Rahim’s band, with Brendan on guitar, Brennan Buglioni on drums and Brayson Wong on bass.

Before Someone Else Does arrives right as the musician is fresh off a tour of the West Coast. She has performed at House of Blues in New Orleans, the Gramercy Theatre in New York City, and Vancouver’s quintessential jazz and soul club Guilt and Co. Named one of 24 Magazine’s Top 24 Under 24, Rahim is versatile as a musician, performing as a solo act or fronting anything up a six-piece band.

She also takes great influence from her history. As a solo artist, Rahim enjoys the freedom to explore her effortless soul / R&B sound infused with the traditional Persian music her family has made for generations. The musician has even led workshops on how her Middle Eastern roots have influenced her contemporary songwriting. Since 2019, the Persian Powerhouse has built up an enticing catalog as a solo artist, consisting of digital releases, videos, and collaborations with artists in Vancouver and beyond.

Watch the video for Before Someone Else Does above, hear more from Tissa Rahim below, and discover her before someone else on her website, Instagram and TikTok.


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