Wednesday Mixtape | More Than 130 Songs That Get My Vote (Side 2)


So, let me get this straight: Warren Zevon and The White Stripes didn’t get in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but DJ Kool Herc and Don Cornelius did? Do any of the people who vote for these honours ever look at the name on the building? Maybe it’s time they change it to something a little more inclusive. Speaking of inclusivity, you’ll find plenty in today’s lineup of 130-plus new singles videos, cover tunes, remixes, buried treasures, golden oldies and live performances. Most of them are exclusives; all of them are winners. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🏆. No envelopes required:



1Frankiie | Cruel

2Missincat | Masquerade

379.5 | Long Term Parking

4Joey Gutos | Sand To Snow

5Pio Hartnett | When I Go There

6Skating Polly | I’m Sorry For Always Apologizing

7🏆 Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo | Love is A Battlefield

8Wolf Manhattan | Voices in My Head

9Dan San | No One In The House

10LA Priest | Silent

11King Viktor | Riptide (ft. The Haunted Youth)

12Conquer Divide | Paralyzed (Live)

13Wombo | Below The House (Below The House Session)

14Gorillaz | Tormenta (ft. Bad Bunny Live at Coachella 2023)

15🏆 Mood Bored | Lucky + Vibe Like Edie (Live)

16Toner | Haters Anthem

17🏆 Girl Scout | Monster

18Raia Was | Tough To Love

19Beak Scenatrio | Coastal Breeze

20🏆 Generationals | Hard Times for Heatherhead + Eutropius (Give Me Lies)

21StarAce | Dark Side

22Maddie Ashman | I’d Rather Fall

23🏆 Jason Kent | Loving Hand

24Angelane | Nobody Wants To Know

25Manta | F.O.M.O.

26Purr | Guessing

27Roseneath | Free Fall

28🏆 Meagre Martin | All My Thoughts

29Big Little Lions | Nearly Human

30Graywave | Cycle

31Wred Fright | Pep In Your Step