Kutiman Goes Where The Sun Don’t Shine

The Israeli producer contemplates the darker side of life in his new single and video.

Kutiman lights up the darkness with his new electronic single and video Sun Don’t Shine — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Urges the listener to sit with their feelings before moving on from them, the Israeli producer’s newest single blends a looped electronica beat with a smidge of hip-hop and the haunting, droning lyric: “Why, why the sun don’t shine when I’m down?” While contemplative, the song also urges the listener to move, to try to stop being stuck. The hip-hop portion of the song combines with a more frantic electronica beat to convey someone taking a more active role in their life despite their hopelessness.

Kutiman’s career began in 2007 with his debut album, which received praise from esteemed individuals such as Gilles Peterson and Jamie Cullum, along with rave reviews in music publications. In 2009, he released his pioneering music video mashup series Thru You, which received ten million views in two weeks.

Kutiman’s subsequent music releases have showcased eclectic influences. His 2016 album 6am combined Middle Eastern and African styles with psychedelic rock, electronica, soul, folk and jazz. In 2019, he was commissioned by Greenpeace to create the EP Antarctica, which featured ambience, drone music, and new age inspirations.

Sun Don’t Shine is the first single off his upcoming album Dense, which explores emotional heaviness and hope with drone music, electronica, hip-hop, and a sprinkle of atmospheric jazz. Watch the video for the song above, hear more from Kutiman below, and find him on Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.