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Albums Of The Week: Golden Grass | Life Is Much Stranger

You want strange? Try this: The N.Y.C. retro-rockers’ fourth disc seamlessly fuses ’70s-vintage James Gang boogie with progressive jazz, psychedelic jams & more.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Life Is Much Stranger is the mind-blowing fourth studio album from N.Y.C. heavy rock trio The Golden Grass — and it stands tall and wild, towering above their previous discography! It is a massive and epic sonic adventure, a post-modern collage of rock ’n’ roll ideology, swelling and bursting with hard, heavy and progressive musical energies. The past is inside the present, and The Golden Grass are moving the sound into the future!

It has always been the goal of the group to connect the dots between their influences, to reconcile disparate vintage ideas that perhaps never coexisted in their original place and time! To give life to a new artistic vision that synergizes them together like a warm blanket, both familiarly ancient and cosmically now! And with all of that sonic information of the past, not to mention a healthy dose of great taste, The Golden Grass concoct their magick brew and are able to conceptualize and materialize music in such a particular way that it screams timelessly from long ago, but could only happen in this very moment! Life is much stranger than fiction, after all.

Photo by Dante Torrieri.

This album was conceived over the past several years, through chaos and confusion, during a global pandemic that forced the band to work in new/unconventional ways they had never before imagined. The music on this album has never seen an audience. These songs have never been performed. And in fact, the recording of the album was the first time the members of the group even understood what their new creations sounded like! The initial writing sessions began in the summer of 2019, but were obviously halted in early 2020. Over the next two years, the band did their best to move forward with the process but rehearsals were infrequent, sickness and health threats always barking at the door, and a constant unknown of what was to come; was there any future for their art at all? But slowly and disjointedly, they assembled their musical ideas into seven rough pieces that would soon comprise Life Is Much Stranger.

In the fall of 2022, the group worked with a team of engineers across three studios in N.Y.C., recording and mixing the tracks, sculpting their rough song-forms into polished, yet quite surreal, glistening gems! And when they emerged with a finished product, the bizarre and strange events of the previous three years all melted into a perfect picture, a complete totality, crystal clear, wholly avant-garde and spellbinding! Life Is Much Stranger is an amalgamation of hard rock boogie, jazzy progressive rock, psychedelic exploration and incendiary proto-metal all bursting with soulful harmony-layered vocals, masterful instrumental technicality and an otherworldly creative ambition. And it sounds fucking great!”


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