Weekend Mixtape | More Than 250 Songs For A Roaring Good Time (Side 4)


March is definitely not going out like a lamb — not on the musical front, anyway. Here’s the iron-clad proof: More than 250 singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances — most of which you won’t find anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🦁. Don’t be a scaredy-cat:



1Demonical | Into Victory

2Wytch Hazel | Angel Of Light

3Bloodbound | 1066

4Avaland | To Be The King

5Gorepig | Pigsty

6Art Nation | Brutal And Beautiful

7Avkrvst | The Pale Moon

8Ad Infinitum | Eternal Rains

9Demotional | Lost In This City

10Neolia | Your Prophecy (LIve)

11Morgenstern | Betonfresser

12Yotuma | Shrine Of Absolution

13Micah Ariss | Dying Light

14Archetypes Collide | Destiny

15The HU | Wolf Totem (ft. Jacoby Shaddix)

16Empire State Bastard | Harvest

17Lamori | The Eye Of The Storm

18Becko | Low-Key Guy

19Shadow Of Nyx | Melodis

20🦁 Juliet Ruin | Give Me The Crown

21Phil Firetog Trio & Co. Cruel

22Raze | Pyrography

23Stevie R. Pearce & The Hooligans | Out Go The Lights

24Axel Rudi Pell | Diamonds And Rust

25Hasard | Hypnocentrisme

26Onkos | Furoncles Bitumineux

27Esoctrilhum | Arcane Majestrïx Noir