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Albums Of The Week: Isaak | Hey

The Italian stoner-rockers kick you in the face with their riffalicious, rampaging jams.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “This is epic. Isaak, the dukes of the italian stoner-rock scene, are back after seven long years with a brand new album — the attention-getting Hey.

Hey is the third Isask album.
Hey has 11 new tracks to blow your mind.
Hey delivers heavy stoner riffs that only Isaak could create.
Hey delivers more than 40 minutes of heavy madness.
Hey makes a point — a point that doesn’t look back but looks inside.
Hey talks about our most intimate fears and tries to do it with the irony.
Hey is a manifesto on being fragile and making that fragility a strength.

Active since 2011, born from the ashes of Gandhi’s Gunn, the quartet from Genoa is finally back on track. Having started with purely stoner-rock sounds, they now like to define themselves as a riffalicious fast-forward stoner-rock band. Be ready to get kicked right in your face.”