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Now Hear This: Ottis Cœur | Léon

Meet two French women ‘who sing loudly’ — and have a knack for writing edgy, gritty and psychedelic-tinged indie-rock tracks to boot — on this compilation of two EPs.


THE TRANSLATED & EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ottis Cœur are two women who sing loudly. They don’t like abuse of power, corny schemes, jerks and their exes. Margaux, the sunny blonde and Camille, the mysterious brunette, don’t need anyone. Winding through soft verses and roaring choruses, the two electrons, freer than ever, gravitate around the same core: Rock.

Their meeting at the beginning of 2020 led to their desire to never leave each other. March followed — and with the first pandemic lockdown came the opportunity to go into exile in a lost corner of Loire-Atlantique. A garage there served both as a workspace and a bedroom where they improvised a music studio. Their musical collaboration was instantly explosive — the room trembled to the sound of their fuzzy guitars, vintage tube amps pushed to saturation, and harmonized voices in melodic flights.

As an evidence, Léon was born. For these two, it was all or nothing: The creative process, the recording of voices and all the instruments were done hand in hand. The personality of one responds to the other, and it is above all in chorus that their songs vibrate. Look no further than Je Marche Derrière Toi, the anthemic first single. Soaring above and beyond alienating stereotypes with their in-your-face indie-rock, the duo just want to be heard. After all, rock isn’t just for men.”